Groceries, zebras, and roses

I try to grocery shop as little as possible. I prefer the shop-every-day approach, getting a little of this or little of that. But that's not the most efficient use of time or money, and sometimes I simply have to stock up on goldfish crackers. So I hit the grocery store.

I find grocery stores depressing. The carts, the lighting, all of those aisles of boxed packaged goods, and the weird looking cuts of meat. So the temptation is to cheer things up by loading up on magazines, flowers, and nail polish. I find it can be a real budget buster. So today, I stayed focused. I did buy flowers because they were on my list and the local supermarket has fair trade roses and they had some pretty white hydrangeas at a good price. (I need to source a good local flower market, like the ones in Toronto at Ave and Dav.)

But I stayed on list, which is good. Really good, because otherwise how will I possible save up for these Scalamandre dishes in this month's Architectural Digest?

To have the same pattern in dishes as in the wallpaper in The Royal Tenenbaums -- how good would that be?

Super fun!

Well I'd best get back to more mundane things before school gets out.