Loving Leopard

OK, so today's fashion choice was a black sweater dress (Banana Republic - you'll be seeing a theme here. IMHO it's the nicest mass produced clothing on the market), black leggings, and a skinny leopard print belt (also BR).

It's a bit like this:
Jan 2 Outfit
(Photo Credit: Banana Republic via Polyvore (sadly, this is not really me))

I've been obsessed with leopard-print lately. Obsessed. Perhaps I'm slowly morphing into Edith Prickley.

I promise you, I never wear more than one piece at a time (My J Crew iphone cover doesn't count!) so I think I'm safe. But still. It's so delish!

I'd love something in my new house made from Scalamandre silk velvet in Leopardo like these pillows:

Yum! Loving everything but the price tag.

And check out this gorgeous settee:

In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. Afternoon tea would become an edgy affair with this bad boy in the room. Given the price of the fabric, I'm guessing I'd have to choose between this settee and my car, however. Good thing I can walk to public transit!

Because woman cannot live by fabric alone, I need to find some inspirational reading for 2013. Last year, I read the Bible in its entirety. I plan to read the New Testament again this year but the OT is, for me, a once-every-five-years affair (except Isaiah. Love Isaiah!) so that frees up time for other inspirational reading. Suggestions? I also like to have a fiction book on the go at all times. I've read everything the completely awesome Marian Keyes has written and need another fiction author like her. I like funny, but I need something that tackles slightly weightier issues than finding a man or the perfect pair of shoes.

Well that's all for today. I'm developing a really unhealthy addiction to Cobs cinnamon bread. Toasted with margarine: oh baby! At $4.50 a loaf, it's going to end up gobbling up a not insignificant portion of my food budget. Good thing the kids love it too! I'm going to toast up some more,  pour myself a cuppa, and watch Property Brothers with the kids (finally a show we all enjoy!)


  1. Elisa MauroJanuary 03, 2013

    A book I think you'll enjoy - Old Filth / Jane Gardham

  2. Thanks Elisa! I'll check it out!


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