Monday musings

So, last week was crazy busy. Busier than I'd like, but isn't that always the way? The weekend was dominated by skiing and a sleepover. My daughter's miniature room is proving to be popular. Her 1920's vanity with the zillion little drawers for nail-polish is a hit. The gang only emerged to make cake pops and play a quick game of twister.

My son is working on his british accent. Pip Pip Cheerio and all that. Adorable! I think it's wearing the mandatory whites for his badminton lessons that's inspired him. Because I swear I'm not letting him watch Downton.

I managed to score a couple of bargains for the house at HomeSense (you never know what you'll find when looking for bargain dog accessories - I'll have to give that place a second chance!)

Look at this handsome fellow - he was marked down to $20! He's one hair short of tacky and guards my beloved coffee table books. Now I can be all, "Step away from the Tim Walker, or I'll unleash the poodle!"

I've had butterflies on the brain for a while:

First, I wanted Daphne Guinness's Damien Hirst Butterfly painting:

Yes, I know, never going to happen in this lifetime. The closest I'll get to her life is my two-tone hair.

And then I saw this gorgeous Parisian bathroom designed by Jean Louis Deniot from last month's Architectural Digest (the entire apartment is so stunning you'll gnash your teeth with jealousy:)

Gorgeous, yes? The lady of the house popped over to Deyrolle to source some butterflies. Stunning! But what are the chances I will find myself in Paris in the next few weeks. Exactement!

So, can you imagine my excitement when I found this beauty. Fellow Oakvillians, this was a bargoon at the original price of $69. In Rosy Rosedale, you'd pay a at least $300 for something like this. And with all of those delicious red markdown stickers, I could get this picture and a good cup of coffee for one of those plastic $20 bills.

Fantastique! Right now I have it parked in the hallway, but I'd like to layer it in with one of my galleries of paintings. I love that whole Victorian curiousity cabinet vibe so I'm sure I'll be playing with the look.

Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to doing something with this House of Hackney goodness:

Stay tuned...