Thursday update

So, I have a new little project that I'm working on. It's scary. I'm wracked with self-doubt and my learning curve is steep. But it's something new and it's nice to spend my day talking to adults.

To help manage my nerves, I went to the club first thing this morning to put my new fitness program to work. It's quick and simple (simple, not being the same as easy, of course.) I must say I feel so much better after I work out, even if I am surrounded by people who look, you know, perfect.

The clothing thing is going well. I put my jeans away so I can't grab them out of habit. It's nice to rotate the wardrobe a bit. My one bias is avoiding things that have to be dry-cleaned. I have lots of pretty things I'm avoiding because the care is too great. Lazy, huh? But when your world is kids and dogs, perhaps simply staying out of sweats and jeans is progress.

And the makeup thing is going well thanks to the cute birthday schwag I got from Sephora!

Got the hair done. It's dark at the top and brighter blonde at the ends. Like this:

I kind of love it although I'm not sure the ombre thing has caught on in Pleasantville. I suspect people just think I have really bad roots. Oh well. I did it for me after all. Plus, the maintenance is more budget friendly than allover truck-stop blonde.

The dog has figured out a way to get out of her crate. She already conned her way out of there at night (she's now in my room in her tuffet) but now she has made it perfectly clear she will have none of it even in the day. She's either with me in the car, or sitting on the sofa like Marie Antoinette. Such a diva! Good thing she's so adorable... She has a twin at the schoolyard  and today they were wearing their Canada Pooch jackets.

Can you imagine two of these?

If you are a parent at the school and your child comes home saying that everyone has a french bulldog, well, I'm sorry. But in fairness, I had to deal with that when it came to those minky sweatshirts from Triple Flip that everybody wears. So now we're even.

My kids have started their after school activities and they loved it! This is shocking as I'd half expected a week of moaning. I guess this means that they are growing up and prefer hanging out with kids their age to sitting around with boring old mom. So while they had their lesson, I was able to have a glass of wine (wine!) and chat with some of the parents. So civilized! I must say I am enjoying this age. The kids are physically independent, but still not old enough to start getting into mischief. I'm going to enjoy every one of these days.

So, of course, just as everything is starting to fall into place, the teachers are striking tomorrow and it's an unplanned day at home. Oh well, it wouldn't be life if there weren't some curveballs. But every time it starts to get me down, I now think of Cousin Violet saying, "Don't be defeatist, dear, it's very middle class."

Well, we can't have that.

Until tomorrow...