February colour boost

So, still loving the pretty pretty colours for February. I was having lunch with a pal from university today and decided on lavender cords, a grey velvet jacket, and a paisley Etro silk scarf.

Sort of like this:

Feb 6 Outfit

 via Stylecaster.com (Etro scarf) / shoedaydreams.blogspot.com (J Crew jacket) / Secretsales.com (Victoria Beckham cords)

Ooh and I've found a new lipgloss I like. I'm always on the hunt for a perfect gloss and Rose Essence by Bourjois is really really good. It's not too sticky but lasts long and it's a gorgeous rosy pink (it's supposed to adjust based on your pH type or something science-y. I just think it looks pretty.) Once, I had a makeup artist tell me that Bourjois is owned by the same company that makes Chanel cosmetics. I've never seen proof in writing but the quality is certainly quite lovely for a drug store brand.

Anyhow, I wore that too.

The drawings are going well. Well for me, at least.

Now, I need to do some painting. I bought a mix of acrylic colours as well as larger tubes of pink, gold and black.

I'll just throw together a little somethin' somethin' like Mark Rothko's White Center:

Again, a pretty pretty Valentines Day palette clearly is on the brain.

Speaking of which, here is my V-day wish list:

Valentine's Day Wish List

Smythe Jacket (via ELuxe) / Kate Spade handbag (via KateSpade.com)/ Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip gloss (via BobbiBrown.com) / Essie (blanc via Target) / Wild Card Buttoned Back Sofa (via House of Hackney)



  1. Cute outfit! I must look for this lipgloss. I am hating what I have at the moment.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I find that a new lipgloss gives gloomy February a little lift.


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