Frugal Friday

Last night was badminton night, and bath night for the bulldog.

And then Million Dollar Decorators. There was not nearly enough Mary McDonald, but Martyn Lawrence Bullard was a scream. The faces he made when looking at the needing-some-love pub his sister bought were priceless. Ditto for the look on Jeffrey Alan Marks's face when his client asked him to decorate her Nantucket beach house from catalogues.

Which brings us to Frugal Fridays, where I will explore my own brand of design knows as Reversal of Fortune Chic. My very favourite bargains are those one of a kind ones that are not easily replicated. Like my oil painting or Santini-esque sculpture from Petits et Jolis (each piece was under $35!)

Or a painting bought at auction that was -- rumouredly -- once owned by a certain Lord who has encountered his own reversal of fortune, so to speak.

But, as Jeffrey Alan Marks discovered, sometimes great things can be discovered in chain stores. Like some of this action from West Elm that he used in his beach house project (under $600):

(Of course, he could not help himself and threw in a $10,000 Christian Liagre bench for good measure!)

When I can't buy vintage, one of my favourite online sources for cheapie accessories is Indigo. Yup, the book people. (And no they are not paying me, or giving me free stuff. I just like sharing the love.) My favourite current bargains -- available at the time of writing -- are under $35.

First, is the little heirloom shadow box.

I love the whole Victorian curiousity cabinet idea and this is a fun way to do it small scale. I bought three of these. The two on my dresser hold enamel bangles and chunky bead necklaces. I have a Dalvey Travel clock in the one on my mantel (paired with a little brass bowl from Indigo (sold out) and a tiny Emma Hesse painting.)

Anything you put in these looks special and they are a bargain at $11.80 per.

Next is the brass geometric paperweight at $5.60.

It's a small piece, but looks sweet on a desk when partnered with the brass magnifying glass (a steal at $7.80.)

And, for the final piece,  if you need inexpensive pillows, this 100% silk one is a bargain at $33.38.

Have a wonderful weekend, kids.


  1. If I knew where you lived I just might steal that painting! I just love finding treasure on the cheap.

  2. There really is nothing better!!


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