Road Trip: Ottawa Street

On Saturday, I had a craving for fabric so my design assistant and I jumped in the SUV and headed to Ottawa Street. My assistant is not very good at carrying things, but she works for cheap.
 I am so going to chew on the fabric samples when you are not looking.[/caption]

I always find that driving into Hamilton on the QEW makes me think about faith. It's hard not to when you see the view. My mother refers to it as Gehenna.

When you exit the QEW onto Burlington Street E., it seems like forever that you travel through the industrial area where all of the steel plants are. It's bleak and on a Saturday morning you can find yourself feeling quite alone on the road. But you simply put on Joel Auge on the iPod and keep on driving.

Because then there is this:

Yards and yards of gorgeous silks and velvets. It's gorgeous. Like life, there is some pretty and some ugly. And when you find yourself in the industrial area with signs pointing towards the sludge pots, keep driving, for the love of Pete. And have faith that goodness lies at the end of the journey.

My assistant helped me pick out some gorgeous pink velvet at a bargain $16/yard at Ottawa Textiles.

I'm thinking pillows. The lady at the store told me I bought enough fabric for eight of them.

We stopped at Cafe Limoncello for some brunch and then headed for home.

Saturday night, I headed into the city for dinner at Loire with some old pals from my banking days. I stuffed myself on pate and Lobster croque monsier and nougat glace with pistachio and caramelized bananas. Plus a glass of vouvray. Such was the gluttony that I could barely move on Sunday and was a less-than satisfactory doubles partner in badminton, I'm afraid. Sunday night, there was no Downton and The Bible series does not start until next week (March 3, set your PVRs), so I lay around and read magazines.

Which brings me to Magazine Monday.

I always get Architectural Digest but I find that some months, I could take it or leave it. The March issue hits it out of the park, though. My favourite photo is Martyn Lawrence Bullard's living room for Elton John's new place in LA.

The pink Willy-Rizzo table, the chinchilla throw, the rug. The rug! There was a gorgeous zebra-print cowhide rug at Foamland on Ottawa Street that could contribute to this kind of look. Gorgeous!

And then there is Stefano Pilati's Paris duplex. I love the mix of styles and the wall colour. Fantastique!

AD is pure fantasy which is sort of my preference in design magazines.

Anyhow. Full week ahead with some fun things planned. I wish y'all a fabulous start to the week.

Until tomorrow,