Theatrical Thursday

Yesterday was a busy one. Last night, I was asked to present as part of a blogger panel for Michelle Pelletier's Digital Marketing class at U of T. I was there with rockstar bloggers Valerie Stachurski from I'm Charming You and April Dunford from Rocket Watcher who, along with being the smartest person in startup marketing, is also a pal.

I wore my new Smythe jacket. Very exciting.

It's fun to get out and chit chat about blogging. I realized I've been blogging on and off for a decade now. Wow, I'm super old!

Yesterday, I was at a lunch (FT Goat cheese bruschetta, fig-stuffed chicken and chocolate dipped strawberries - yummo!) where the speaker was photographer Mark Zelinski. He has put together some gorgeous books based on his 35 years photographing the world. What a visual treat. My favourite book is "Untitled," a book with no words (or even a title) that is not for sale but provided to schools and NGOs as a tool for healing and education. The photographs were absolutely spectacular.

So, today is Theatre Thursday. Basically, it's design inspiration provided from the world of film and television. I'm a huge film buff. Pre-kids, I sometimes used to take the week off for TIFF and watch a zillion films. I realized the the films I adore are those that create the best atmosphere: Six Degrees of Separation, A Perfect Murder, Igby Goes Down, Great Expectations, The Royal Tenenbaums, I Am Love, Marie Antoinette, Heathers, Moulin Rouge. Gorgeous, all of them!

Yesterday, Mark Zilinski had some amazing photos of Maasi people, which, of course, makes me think about the movie (and the memoir) Out of Africa. The film came out in 1985, when I was in high school. I was obsessed with the film and remember doing a project on it for English Lit. Fabulous style!

So, if I were to do a room with an Out of Africa vibe, I'd love a little campaign-style home office. Voila!

My final fun thing from yesterday was discovering that an uber-talented design blogger lives just around the corner from me (apparently I live in the creative part of town with decorators and designers and architects - awesome!) Ms. Bijou and Boheme, Christine Dovey, is doing amazeball (her expression!) design work and bringing some glam to a town that has a major reputation for beige.

She designed a collection for decor etailer 219. Look at this pillow. I'm all Rachel Zoe-y, "I Die!"

And they say all the talent is at Av and Dav. Pshaw!

Apparently, Mlle Dovey is even more enamoured of Black Rooster Decor than I am. She is using their pretty things to deck out her reno. So far, I've limited myself to a Chloe Croft London silk french bulldog pillow that arrived this morning.

The proprietress also sent along a fabulous Anna Maria Horner tea towel gratis. Pink, floral and leopard. Gorgeous!

Well, that's all for now...