Magazine Monday

So, fun weekend. Skiing on Saturday. Sunny, warm and the snow was perfect. As I Facebooked, it would be a hard day to be an atheist. There were no lift lines, so I got in a bunch of runs first thing in the morning.

A whole gang from the badminton club have joined the ski club so I was able to hang out and chat over lunch.

I took my design assistant to West Elm in Liberty Village to check out some frugal finds.

I was busy getting paperwork to set up accounts and taking notes of prices and quality while someone spent her time trying to get as many people to fawn over her as possible (French Bulldogs are a big hit in Liberty Village.) At one point, she was sitting on a someone's lap on one of these poufs, half falling asleep. (BTW, LOVED the Leah Durner abstract silk pillow on the sofa. The cover is a steal at $39 and it adds a contemporary pop to traditional decor.)

I was like, hello! You're on the clock! I'm not paying you to sit around looking adorable.

I sent her to guard the car while I brunched with a friend at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. Yummalicious!

Last night, I watched the second instalment of The Bible. Wow, they've done a good job. I've known the stories of the Bible forever but seeing it on the small screen brings a whole new perspective. I still can't quite get over the uber-white teeth thing (young David's were positively gleaming) but that's the only flaw I can find. I can't wait until next week. If you liked Gladiator, you'll love this.

The only downside this weekend was that almost everyone I encountered on the weekend seemed to have a cold. I woke up with sniffles today and ran to Whole Food and Liquid Nutrition to load up on immunity-boosting drinks and chicken noodle soup. While my kids are perfecting their badminton game today, I've been forcing myself to rest and read magazines (twist my arm!)

Which brings me to Magazine Monday. Here is the best of the best from April's Traditional Home:

Hold your breath people, but this is an outdoor sofa from George Smith. It's hand-made and amazing, so I'm guessing it costs more than my car. But how amazing would it be in a wild English-syle garden.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I discovered that one of these Morris & Co/Edward Burne-Jones Pre-Raphaelite Holy Grail tapestries is owned by Jimmy Page. Yes, that Jimmy Page. How amazingly gorgeous is this piece:

I loved the spread on Lillian August's second home in North Carolina purchased specifically so she and her guests could have a comfortable place to stay during the twice-yearly International Furniture Market at High Point. Hello! If that's not dedication to decorating, I don't know what is!

My favourite photo was of this dining room designed by Jennifer Guerrigues. It's busy and bold and fun with a big mash-up of styles. It's Royal Crown Darby, silver pheasants (favourite accent pieces of mine), formal fruit compote, Venetian glass, Moroccan market finds, ikat, capiz shell, rattan and linen in an uber-formal dining room space. So fun for a party.

Well, I'm heading back to my chicken noodle soup. I wish you a happy and sniffle-free Monday.