Type Tuesday: Some News and Inspiring Books

So, exciting news. I've been accepted into decorating school for next fall. Yay! I'm very excited. I had to provide a portfolio of paintings and drawings in order to be accepted since it's a part of the fine arts faculty. I have not done art in forever so I was not sure I'd be able to pull together a portfolio of 10 good pieces in the three weeks I was given, but I headed to De Serres and Michael's to get some materials and advice and gave it a go.

I was not sure what they were looking for but I got into the program. I'm so grateful!

Plus, I was able to make a little grouping of paintings with the new work (Rachel Beach did the damask piece in the middle and my daughter did the bottom piece.)

I've had the middle piece since 2000 and my daughter's piece for 2 years (wasn't that line in Six Degrees of Separation so true? "But your grade, the second grade. Matisses, every one.") It's fun how it all came together. I'm using the blue piece as part of this multi-media large scale thing but I'm still playing with the idea.

Anyhow, since I've decided to pursue this whole decorating and design thing seriously, I can now talk about my lovely coffee table books as work!

One of my new favourites is Kate Spade's Things We Love.

I love how all of these designers are starting to share their inspiration. Charlotte Moss's A Visual Life is another great book I consult regularly.

It's nice to know that the great designers do not just wake up with their head filled with magic. They seek it in community and in the outside world.



  1. So excited for you! YAY...a whole new inspiring design career, you will be fabulous, Jen. xo Lidy

  2. Hopefully we can do some business together as I'd love to add some antique french goodness to my future clients' homes!!


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