Wish List Wednesday: Oscar, Florals, Pink Counters, and Tables Galore.

Oooh. It's the most fun day of the week. "Shopping" without a budget. I wish!

This is perhaps the most insanely pretty skirt and top I've ever seen. Does Oscar de la Renta ever make a mistake? Now where' is that spare $2500 when I need it!

And look at this pretty bag from Loeffler Randall. Love the floral with the black graphic fabric. So designy. eLuxe has been featuring some gorgeous pieces lately.

Feast your eyes on this Pink Love countertop from Silestone. Wow! I'd love it in a traditional white farmhouse kitchen.

Do you think it's too much to ask for a Bradley Helena Table to be sitting curbside on bulk garbage day?

Or maybe one of these beauties from Marjorie Skouras Design?

I promise to give them a good home!