Dior bags, tuxedo chairs, Alexa Chung and budgets

I think I'm going to have to switch to a three day per week blogging schedule since it's crazy busy right now. (Who am I kidding. I'll be here tomorrow...)

The weekend was a whirl: I went to Dundas to visit a friend (what an adorable main street they have -- I'll have to make sure to visit there again when it's not SNOWING in April.) My pal brought me girl guide cookies. That was in addition to the butter tart we had at Detour. Oy!

I went to Origin in Liberty Village that evening and ate my weight in shrimp curry, calamari and raw tuna tapas. And that's not even getting into the ice cream situation...

(It's a pretty restaurant, in an old munitions factory - I instagrammed the lighting and table.)

I taught Sunday school and ate my weight in fish tacos at the Kerr Street Cafe on Sunday.

I did my finances over the weekend too and decided to be a grown up and invest some money I recently got instead of do any major home projects or buy any more bags. (I maintain that with 20% price hikes almost annually, Chanel flap bags are as good a place to put one's money as anywhere, but my financial guy disagrees with my position that they are an asset class.)  I'm on a self-imposed austerity budget for a few more months. I'll use the opportunity to rearrange my house and shop in my closet. It's almost as much fun as picking up this but of pretty:

I'll have to add some fashion into this blog since a) I can live vicariously through Alexa Chung and Carine Roitfeld


and b) what works in fashion usually works in home design, like the quilting on the Dior and Chanel bags and on on these Tuxedo chairs from Attica.


Besides, fashionistas have such great apartments.

Well, that's it for today as my assistant fell asleep on my keyboard.

Until Wednesday tomorrow,

xo Jen