Gwyneth's Hat, Weekend Crazy, and Sheridan Rocks

Another busy weekend. Sleepovers and socials and errands and coconut shrimp and crab cakes. I got in some quality magazine time with the new issue of Life:Beautiful (a gorgeous Christian magazine that is Definitely their utmost for His Highest.) I also read this month's Harper's Bazaar with La Gwyneth on the cover. Gorgeous issue.

At first, I thought this Dior headpiece was a bit out there.

I mean, it's sort of a combo flower basket/1950's bathing cap, no? Not really playground fare. But it's one of those pieces that grabs your attention, which is the whole point of fashion and design.

I'd love to do a room that channels the delicate qualities of that hat.

Maybe an Esti Barnes Etheral rug:

A Tord Boontje Blossom Chandelier:

Arktura's Coral Screen.

And a Vibieffe's Roses 1450 Chair for good measure. 

Any takers?

Saturday, I was an open house for Sheridan's Arts Faculty. I had a chance to meet the people in the decorating program and see the classroom space I'll be occupying in the fall. It's awesome.

(They were not allowing photos since all of the student work was there but this photo is from Sheridan's website.)

I got an idea of what computer I'll need (probably a bigger Macbook with a dual processor to run all the design software) and what I'll need to add to my studio space (drafting table and stool.) We had a little tour of the resource library and the program head said the three words that made my heart flutter: Yabu. Pushelberg. Samples. Oh baby!

(Resource room from Sheridan's website)

I then took a tour of the building. There's a glassblowing studio and a furniture design workshop and a textile design workshop. I wanted to do a Tom Cruise jump on the sofa. I knew that Sheridan was the Harvard of animation schools but had no idea how amazing the school is in so many areas.The place is simply buzzing with creativity. I'm finally starting to see why I was brought to Oakville or, at the very least, God's redemptive powers at work. In Sunday school yesterday, I was teaching Revelations 21:1-6, which is the part about a New Heaven and a New Earth and how God can make everything new. I don't need to be convinced of that anymore. As it turns out, you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Who knew?

Anyways, I felt very honoured to be accepted into such a high demand program and I can't wait to jump in. I'm doing a drawing class to get ready. My art portfolio was accepted, but now that I've seen the calibre of work, I want to be really on top of things.

I don't care if you are my boss. I am NOT posing for the "life drawing" class.

Take care, people.