Mad for Rattan, Queen Street Road Trip and Vintage Victoria

I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was action packed.

Friday evening I planned to just chill after a week of running around and editing and supervising playdates and taking Serena for her first post-op walk in her Sock Monkey sweater.

But instead, my entourage and I ran around picking up some awesome vintage rattan for the summer house project that I sourced on kijiji. It took two trips to pick up the dining set, loveseat, chair, and coffee table. Fab finds and very inexpensive. I'm going to dedicate the space to Lilly Pulitzer, who passed away this weekend. (Heaven is going to be looking mighty chic.)

Saturday, I was up with the birds to bike to the club for an early morning workout. I have a new wicker basket and my super fab Yakkay helmet. Sadly, I was in workout clothes instead of a sundress, so it totally killed the look.

I must say I love the view at the gym of 16 Mile Creek. To me it always looks like there is a cross on the other side of the creek and it reminds me to be thankful for my health, for the view, and for the other blessings in my life.

I met The Supermodel for breakfast. I forgot to wear my 4 inch heels so we looked like Mutt and Jeff. After breakfast, I did some editing and then decided to head downtown to pick up a peekaboo coffee table at CB2. Now, I'm not sure who names stores, because as far as I'm concerned, CB2 and EQ3 are the some place. So I thought I was heading to Liberty Village (EQ3), when in fact I was heading to Queen Street West (CB2). Thank heaven for navi systems. (Apparently, I'm not the first person to get the stores confused.)

I found a great parking space and was not about to let that go to waste so Serena and I did a little shop on Queen since I never get down there anymore. I hit Ch√Ętelet for a couple of accessories for the summer house. Love that store!

And I headed to Fashionably Yours consignment. They had a fab Balenciaga gown that I was contemplating for the formal I'm attending in May, but it did not quite fit and I could not justify the price and alterations. Pity.

Serena was her ever popular self on Queen. I'm amazed she has any fur left at all after all the petting. We headed back home to meet the ladies for drinks, which turned into dinner at the club. I never thought joining a sports club would make me gain so much weight.

Sunday was church and brunch. The lesson I was leading in Sunday School required a crocus and a few of them peeked out this week in my garden. What a blessing! The kids and I talked about how faith can be like planting a bulb and having to wait all winter before you see the flower. I love that metaphor.

I picked up the most fabulous peacock rattan chair in mint condition for $75. Seriously fabulous. The owner was sooo nice and even gave me some inspirational reading since she knew I had to pick up the chair before or after church. There really are little angel moments everywhere if you look for them.

Serena is constantly eyeing the chair. I suspect it's the throne-like vibe that appeals to my diva assistant.

My biggest score this weekend was finding two back issues of Victoria magazine that I don't own from The Singing Lady (and just in time for Magazine Monday!) I picked up February and April 1989 which means that I have pretty much the entire collection now. I was in my final year of high school when these were published, so it's a trip down memory lane.

I get an amazing amount of happiness out of magazines. Not sure if that's a good thing but it works for me.

Until tomorrow.