As you can see, we've moved platforms. And in the late-spring, we are going to be getting a beautiful new look. In the interim, however, we are in renovation mode. Which means that things may not be at their prettiest for a while.

- Speak for yourself, sister. 

Very excited about all the changes - education, career, dog, house, clothes, and hair (I kept the kids as is as they are awesome little people. The fitness guy was telling me how my son had a spirited conversation with him about what made The Beatles so great.) On the hair front, I'm off to get highlights tomorrow so people will focus on the top half of me at the fashion show next week. I'm thinking something like this:

 I feel like God is really using the trials in my life to bring about a much needed transformation. I'm just sitting back and watching the show. As they are sending around on Facebook these days,


Until tomorrow, Poodles, have fun!

xo Jen