Frenchies, top hats, and too much homework

So, just a quick blog post today. I have to do my homework for my art class and I fear that will take me forever. Honestly, the MBA in finance was a breeze compared to this - and I had to teach myself grade 12 math then too.

The saga of the missing chandeliers continues. I got one of them back, which I've had installed in the living room but I'm still waiting for the others (the woman who is hanging onto them is channelling Charlton Heston's "from my cold, dead hand" thing and I fear the process will be lengthy.) I'm tired of having a stairway without light (I nearly broke my head the other night.) So I sprung for the Jake Phipps's Wooster fixture (yes, it really is a top hat) and it looks pretty great!

I'll be able to change the bulb without requiring scaffolding, which was key.

I surprised my son with a new light too.

It's a glass and acrylic airplane lamp that has an almost Art Deco vibe when you see it. It was a nightmare for the electrician to put up as the ceiling is plaster but they did a great job. And my son was thrilled. Best of all, this Hampton Bay light was a steal at $139 at Home Depot.

There are so many great design finds right now. I love these chairs by Jimmie Martin. The french bulldog one is divine!

My assistant Serena would love this chair. She's very excited about an upcoming french bulldog family reunion and is not getting quite as much work done as I'd like, but that's OK.

Since when is going on not considered work?

Have a lovely weekend, y'all.

xo Jen