High Point Highlights: Jamie Alexander Talk

Today, I'm off to the Vendor's Showcase at SOFA but first, I promised to give a little recap of the event I attended there last week. Jamie Alexander gave a talk on Living the Design Dream ... From the Furniture Side of Living. The event was sponsored by Van Gogh Designs, which is a Canadian manufacturer of custom-made furniture (and has gorgeous stuff available to the trade, which, for the record, I am.)

First off, Jamie looks like a designer, which I appreciate. My advice is, never hire a designer who does not have some sense of personal style. I mean, if you can't figure out what to wear in the morning, I'm thinking that buying $100,000 worth of furniture is going be a little beyond you, no? And Jamie's funny. Never hire anybody without a sense of humour. Life's too short to hang out with the buzzkill types. Anyhow, I figured he would have some good stuff to say.

He spoke a lot about client management and good business practices. I'm not going to get into that because, well, I plan to use these techniques on some of you as I build my empire.

The dessert part of the talk was his review of the latest High Point Market. It looks like a great season! Here are some of the upcoming trends:

Asian refined. There was a lot of asian influence but not the rough antique look from part years. The look is much more refined, which I love since I'm all about the Chinoiserie right now.

Black is the new black. Wallpaper, walls, sofas. Not grey scale. Full on black. Oh baby.

Privacy screens. Now that everyone has a great room, everyone wants to divide them up. Room dividers are huge. This is the one I want:

Architectural prints. I just sold all of my architectural prints because they were way too large for my current house but you can get them for a steal on ebay. Buy six. Get matching frames. Put them all on a gallery wall. You're done.

Tufting. If you can put a button on it, put a button on it.

Don't even think about it.

Faux fur on everything. Sofas, desk chairs, drapes. I'm a tactile person. Giddy-up.

Traditional look and manufacturing methods. It looks like an antique, it's crafted like an antique, it's priced like an antique. And it's new.

Mix your metals. (Look at Lisa Jarvis's diamond ring-inspired Bagua table. Swoon!)

Looks like it's going to be a pretty season. Jamie's talk reinforced my desire to get myself to High Point stat. Don't think fall will work out but I'm putting spring 2014 into the calendar.