Like a Dude, Pretty Art and Sun-baked Bulldogs

Busy few days. Yesterday afternoon was the last ladies' luncheon for the season, followed by the kids' spring concert at the school. Summer really is coming! In anticipation of the season, I just spent Chanel bag money on a new fence and barbecue, so we had a little BBQ after we endured enjoyed the recorder music at the school. This morning, I lined up at the liquor store lest the LCBO go on strike before the Victoria Day weekend (people in south east Oakville get very panicky at the prospect of no alcohol, it would seem). I even threw some beer into my cart. Did I mention that last night - for the first time in my life - I mowed the lawn? BBQ, beer, lawn care: clearly, I'm turning into a dude. This weekend I plan to see The Great Gatsby and lounge around in my vintage Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress drinking Pimm's and sorting through fabric swatches so I can get things back on track.

Oh, and I can gaze at my gorgeous Kerry Steele painting. Isn't it delicious?

I have moved toward traditional oils on the main floor but thought these two modern pieces gave a nice punch of colour  over my writing desk (the other piece is a Michiel Gloeckner and the little Santini pieces are from Petit et Jolis.)

To paraphrase the A Team, I love it when a space comes together.

Well, tomorrow is art class, then I plan to chill for the long weekend. I hope you have a safe, sunny and joy-filled weekend.

Fetch me a glass of Pinot, will you? I'm working on my base tan.


  1. Wow! I love the pairing with the other abstract over your desk.

  2. What a gorgeous Painting, Jen. Chanel bag money on a fence and BBQ? Love it...much more to enjoy with everyone. :) xo


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