Lilly Pulitzer, Oakville Awesomeness, and Cashmere and Resort Wear Galore

Spring has finally come to Oakville and boy is that making everybody happy. It's all anybody can talk about these days!

And with the great weather finally here, was I ever excited to see this sign this morning as I went to pick up some fresh cinnamon bread at Cobbs on Lakeshore:

At the age of 41, I no longer turn cartwheels on the sidewalk, but boy was I cartwheeling in my head. Up until now, Island View in Port Carling was the only source of Lilly Pulitzer in Canada. As someone who summers in the Kawarthas, this left me out of luck Lilly-wise (they will ship across Canada but nothing beats seeing Lilly fabric up close!) But apparently I'm going to be able to WALK to a Lilly signature store. Proof positive that God redeems everything. Although I was brought to Oakville under terrible circumstances, any remaining ambivalence about this town disappeared this morning!

Serena was excited too.

In the summer, I wear nothing but Lilly! 

It was sort of funny timing because yesterday I was in my old stomping ground around Moore Park and Rosedale for the Snapdragon spring sale. I love this part of Toronto. Lots of sidewalk cafes and design stores. After we shopped, I suggested that the Workout Goddess, her daughter and I grab a bite near Yonge and St Clair at the Terroni. Well, Terroni is now John & Sons Oyster House which offers different fare but is really nice. We walked to the restaurant down Farnham and I waxed nostalgic for a minute or two, but for the first time in years, I realized I'm much happier where I am.

So back to the sale. Awesome! Pam has outdone herself this season. I picked up a cutie patootie bag for $20.

The weekenders (I have one already) were down to $75. Given that they are basically a suitcase, it's a steal (they also make a great tennis bag.)

I picked up an eyelet tunic that will make me feel very Jackie O when I wear it over white skinny jeans.

And a cashmere tunic that will be so awesome for cool summer evenings on my pal's boat (if you move to Oakville, you will have countless invitations to lounge on people's boats. I think when you register a property at the Town Hall, they must tip off the people at the marina.)

Snapdragon has an online shop too but I love going to her sales. I love making a personal connection with people when I shop and it's why I so prefer trunk shows over the mall. Suetables was also there as was Helene Clarkson's Designs  (she is making the most gorgeous dress that would be perfect for travel. I've asked her to email me when it's in production!!) and Bethany Harper Williams. Gorgeous. If I needed any more art, I'd have bought one of the beach pieces from Bethany. The small ones would be a gorgeous present for a cottage aficionado!

The lady who was helping out at Suetables recognized me from somewhere and we figured out that we went to high school together (she was several grades behind me but we went to a tiny school.) She told me that I had not changed a bit, which was lovely to hear! This is why shopping from people, rather than conglomerates is so much more enjoyable.

Well, I must shake a leg and get some work done. Final edits on my business book and then I hand it over to some other people. I also have to finalize the paint for the summer house. I've narrowed it down to white walls (probably Cloud White) and a haint blue ceiling (probably Palladian Blue). I'm meeting with an upholstery genius on Sunday to go over the plans for my Trina Turk fabric. I also have to get in a blog post to a client. (I was trying to explain my career the other evening to a fellow at the club and I left him most confused. He was all, so you are a former finance person who has written a business book on critical thinking, blogs about bulldogs, does social media consulting, and is going to school to become an interior stylist. And I was all, that's about the size of it.)

Take care, kittens!