Lyford Cay, Gatsby Chic and Tapas, Oakville Style

Another busy weekend. I've started the painting the ceiling in the summer house. So happy with the paint colour choice: a perfect haint blue that I had the local Benjamin Moore shop, Paintscapes West, create (great Oakville paint shop btw.) I must say, though, taking this on as my first painting project ever was a bit ambitious. Holy angles, Batman. And all of the work is done above my head. I'm about a quarter of the way through the first coat and I'm anticipating 2 or 3.

Most people paint start with painting their builder's beige drywall; I start with attempting to recreate the ceiling at the Lyford Cay Club.

(For the record, this is quite consistent with my personality.)

Friday, I got to get out of my paint clothes and into some Gatsby-esque goodness for casino night at the club.

I wore my sparkly silver dress from Fashion Crimes and my Emma Hope beaded heels and a recycled fox-fur stole (I know the best guy who tranforms old fur coats into these fabulous pieces. I'm angling for a bedspread at some point. Luscious!) It was all very glam city and someone even mistook me for The Supermodel. That makes a girl feel good.

I haven't gambled for a long time, but Friday night was a lucky one.

Sunday, we had the Church picnic. They had a little thank you for the Sunday School staff, which was lovely.

And then I went to Oakville Taste (in support of Art For All) where I stuffed myself with amazing food. As in elk tacos and lobster bisque amazing. It was held at the Oakville Gallery and Gairloch Gardens which looks positively spectacular on a beautiful spring day.

I would have taken some photos, but then I'd have had to put down my wine. The really great thing was that we were able to bike to the event (I brought my daughter and her BFF to Junior Taste.) Oakville is a very liveable town, I must say. Nice people too. The redemption theme carries on.

This week is a busy one. I'm loaded up with art assignments, have several meetings and am attending the Vendor's Showcase at SOFA. Plus, the Milly line for Banana Republic launches and that looks like all kinds of good. I'm speaking about blogging at U of T, which is always good fun. No rest for the wicked.

Speak for yourself, sister.

Take care, kids.