Met Ball, Easy Glam and I Want My Name Back

Well, while I spending my time unloading the dishwasher and taking something back to Home Depot, the other Jennifer Lawrence was glamming it up in Dior and hanging with her new bestie, Marion Cotillard.

 I know, totally unfair, right? It's bad enough that the woman stole my name and Google ranking.

You mean, I'm not working for the actress? 

I'm totally going to bring my New Lock bag to school pickup so at least in Oakville I can be the Jennifer Lawrence sporting Dior.

(Marion has this bag too.)

She thinks I'm going to let her borrow my bag. That's funny!

Just because my life is not quite as glamourous as my namesake's, does not mean that the glam life is off limits. Here are my top five tips to Glam Living on a Budget.

Display fresh flowers. I always have flower in the house. I buy fair trade flowers that are on sale. Sobeys has great little roses right now for $10. In the summer, my garden will yield some pretty flowers gratis. Love.

Use the fancy glass. I hate drinking water. I hate drinking water less when it's in my Napoleonic bee glass. And ice just makes everything better.

Wear your jewellery. I have jewellery from everywhere from Cartier to Target. And I am making myself wear some of it every day. It's pretty on, and it's pretty draped around the house. Be a magpie. It's good for your soul.

Wear something pretty. Today I biked my kids to school, biked to the gym, went to Home Depot and will bike back to school. Needless to say, I am not wearing couture. But with my Joe Fresh capris and tee, I can wear a little chiffon floral bomber jacket from Zara.

And a cute bike helmet too, of course.

Get something lucite. The cheapest and easiest way to put a touch of glam in any space is to add something in glass or acrylic. I like acrylic or lucite because it's safe for kids. My ghost chairs in the eating area have taken ten years of heavy wear and still look elegant. So far the CB2 Peekaboo coffee table is holding up well too (at $299 shipped to Canada - less when they have a sale - I think it's a steal.)

How are you bringing glam into your life?