CDECA, The New AD, and Blender Power

So, my assistant has been leaving work for lots of meetings. She claims she's helping the local Shriners do some philanthropic work, but somehow I have my doubts. I'm guessing she's tweeting me pictures of herself wearing a fake fez to hide the fact she's looking for alternate employment. Good luck with that. She's of the "you will be lucky to get her to work for you" reference letter variety.

I resent that.

Today, I went to my first CDECA Greater Toronto Area West event. It was their summer luncheon. What a delightful group. This is one of the more active CDECA groups so I consider myself lucky to be getting into the interior decorating business in Oakville. Plus, I had the chance to stuff myself at Il Fornello, which is not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon.

I also added a new member to my ever-growing staff.  He is quite tall, quieter than expected, and a whiz in the kitchen.

Yes, I've joined the Vitamix crowd. On the weekend, I was talking to one of these born sales types who was extolling the virtues of his blender. He must have performed some kind of psychological sales voodoo on me because next thing you know, I'm at Bed, Bath and Beyond slapping down my Mastercard and 20% off coupon. (My research shows that if you get an eligible 20% off coupon, BB&B is the cheapest place to get a new model. Costco is next lowest in price and the refurbished ones occasionally offered on the Vitamix site are a bargain if you can get your hands on one). I used to make smoothies every day and I'd been missing them since I'd burned out the last in a long line of blenders. The best thing about this sucker is you can also make hot soup in it (the vibration heats it up.) In the winter, I love soup like cat ladies love their cats and now I can make the cream-free pureed squash and mushroom soups I adore. Fabulous!

For the rest of the day, I had committee meetings at the school and the club. Apparently, I've become a joiner. They really ought to test this Oakville water: they must be putting something strange in it.

Still lots of work on the class and freelancing front but I also have some fun, designy things lined up this week. So that makes me happy. Plus, all the new shelter mags are out.

The new AD is amazing. The Krakoff house! Seriously, have you ever seen a better screening room?

And this pool by Kris Ruhs? Gorgeous. Apparently, the editor of Vogue Italia lives quite well

So many creative people and pretty things out there. No excuse for being bored.

PS: If you are looking for something fun to do next week, Crossroads is hosting some special live 100 Huntley Street tapings. Guests include Don Amero, Don Meredith, Hamilton Children's Choir, Paul Henderson, Ron Ellis, Michael Bull Roberts, and Will Graham. You can buy your (practically free) tickets here.