Colour Theory, Angst and Lacroix

We stayed in town this weekend as there were some end-of-year activities planned. This meant I got to do a little of this:

(Yes, that's Tatler magazine. I was reading it for the piece on Alpha's Nicky Gumbel. Honest.)

And while the kids did this:

I did a whole lot of this:

Man, Strayed is a talented writer. Don't let the Oprah sticker put you off (it peels right off, thank heavens.) If you are an aspiring memoir writer, you must read Wild. And until you can gain the perspective Strayed has, don't even think of picking up a pen. (I'm very mindful of writing these days. I've been getting some preliminary feedback on my business book, Engage the Fox. I got the review of my life last week, along with the comment that the first thirty pages are among the suckiest first thirty pages ever written. We're talking Bulwer-Lytton territory here, people. After several years editing over at Literary Mama and writing lots of little pieces for publication, putting a book-length work into the world is humbling!)

Anyhow, Wild puts my existential crisis in perspective. (Existential is not really accurate: do-istential is the more accurate description: I simply cannot figure out what to do, career-wise.) I mentioned to a group of decorators the other day that I'd rather pull out my own teeth than manage someone's renovation and they were all, that's kind of the job. And I was all, oh crap! That, layered with the school's request that I take some kind of language competency test (perhaps they too have read the first 30 pages of ETF...) sent me into a bit of a tailspin. Luckily, I have some very good people in my life to talk me off the ledge. As it turns out, the test is for every student. It's assumed I'll do fine and the How to Communicate course will be waived. As for the hating to manage renovations thing, I assume I'm still screwed.)

There are parts of the decorating business I love. I was at this totally fantastic seminar last week with Jane Lockhart.

It was basically a Colour Theory 101 and it was so good. It was a crash course in the science of light (remember ROY G BIV?), the technical elements of lighting and paint, and the biology of seeing and how colour impacts mood.

Lockhart talked about how socio-economic forces impact our craving for certain colours and allow you to forecast colour trends, so it was a bit of what I loved about my day with CMG.

Note: these are workshop exercises. If I showed you the 2015 CMG palette, I'd have to hide out with  Edward Snowden. You do not antagonize the illuminati of colour.

So the workshop was not just about what we are all going to be wearing in the fall:

But why we are going to be wearing it. Really good stuff. Jonah Lehrer meets Charlotte Moss good. And then I think, H E double hockey sticks yeah! Because I love that integrative thinking thing where you smash together a bunch of diverging ideas. So I need to find out a way to marry my strategic thinking/finance business background with the elements of the design world I enjoy.

In other words, I need this Christian Lacroix Butterfly Parade sofa for Sofaworks:

Because it channels one of my favourite magazine spreads ever

Source: Town & Country, April 1988. Yes, 1988. Note the car...

And because it would make a great place to solve wicked problems.

Wicked problems. Now, I like the sound of that!

Easy peasy, right? Now if only I can find a way to monetize it all.