DI Why?

OK, so another very stellar weekend in Oakville. I thought this place was good in the winter. In the summer, it's spectacular. The club, the neighbours, the dinner parties. It's all good. Really good. I think people think I have some sort of problem because I'm walking around smiling all the time these days.

When I was not out gallivanting, much of my weekend was spent painting. Again. Honestly, this DIY project is killing me softly. I'm allergic to paint, so I've been wheezing and sniffing. And the wood absorbs paint like crazy so it's taken twice the amount of paint and time I calculated. Thank heavens I saw this cover of House and Home to spur me on:

See, it's the Lyford Cay ceiling I'm doing in my summer house. My walls are white like this, but my ceiling is that classic haint blue. I'll photo it all once everything dries.

The job feels like a major accomplishment - even the dude at the paint store thought it was mighty ambitious. But I really do not feel the need to replicate this experience in the near future. I think I'll outsource anything more complicated that my front door or steps. Painting is relatively cheap and given that I basically trashed an outfit and a pair of Minnetonkas, I'm not sure I'm ahead of the game financially. Still, I'm glad I did it. It helps me with my whole self-sufficiency goal plus it will make me a better decorator. Years ago, I remember getting some staging advice from a realtor who had clearly never held a paint brush or a hammer in her life and she very glibly advised me to repaint walls and add shelves and move a drain (!) as though these were five minute activities. I think it's useful to know how much work this stuff is if only to set more realistic client expectations and be kinder to the trades.

My slipcovers have arrived. Amazing! Again, photos are coming when there is a nice sunny day to shoot. The summer house project is coming together as planned and I'm happy with the whole look. I can practically taste the Pimms No 1 Cup every time a new piece of the puzzle is in place.

Well that's all for now. Late night and I'm behind in my art (yet again!) This cat is having a glass of vino and tucking in.

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