Rule Britannia

It's Wimbledon time.

(Grass courts are so pretty!)

Which means it's time for this:

(I like Pimm's with ginger ale but the Original Cup features 1 part Pimm's No.1
mixed with 3 parts chilled lemonade; add some mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry for colour.)

It's also time for thinking about jolly old England in general. I love the UK. Love it. It's where my Godmum lives. It's where a number of my favourite designers are.

And it's home of Downton.

So, I was totally thrilled to find out that a new British shop opened in Oakville. Yes, British Life has been open for about 9 weeks now. It was started by a former accounting partner and his writer wife. (The owner and I got to talking. We both worked on the same media deal back in the day. Funny small world!) 

They have lots of Emma Bridgewater.

Love Emma Bridgewater.

A little of it might have made its way home.

(Hey, everybody needs a fox coffee mug.)

They also have lots of UK treats. So if you want to eat Hobnobs along with Ken and Deirdre, you totally can.

I may or may not have come away with some marmite and some Walkers Crisps.

If you are into all things British and live in the GTA, I'd recommend checking out this shop. This is in no way a sponsored post but I must disclose that the Roast Chicken crisps were on the house. I can't wait to eat them while I watch Dev bust Karl (please!) on Corrie.

Clearly, she has no idea that I polished off the bag before lunch. 

God Save the Queen!