Media Diet Postscript

So, this media diet I've been on... it's even more chic than Paleo. I was inspired in part by Jen Hatmaker's terrific book 7. I was not comfortable with the idea of wearing only seven items of clothing or eating only seven foods (although being a picky eater, I sort of only eat seven foods as it is) but a media diet seemed possible. I hated the amount of time I wasted on Facebook. Since I hang around social media a lot, I often feel that I should read other people's blogs and twitter feeds out of politeness, but, really, I don't have that kind of time. I have a book to edit and children to raise and a relationship to nurture and friendships to cultivate: People of Walmart can wait.

And I survived. I was off long enough to break me of the habit. And I might have been able to leave it all behind, had I not shelled out $49 to have this bit of awesomeness come my way.

I know, right?

Brhum Bhatia at BB Imagery is a magician with lighting and photoshop. I got his name from a new pal after I saw her LinkedIn photo and was all "Who took that photo? I need one of those now!!!" So after a couple of hours in studio with flashbulbs and a wind machine (I know that you're all thinking Whitesnake video but it's a subtle fan and just gives you really great hair) this is my new headshot. There was no way that I was not going to wallpaper that sucker all over the internet. This photo is the very thing for which Facebook was designed: to make all of your 40-something year old high school classmates sick with envy. Yes, for $49, they could have a similar photo too, but -- shhh - we don't have to tell them that. 

So I crept back on to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. The reality is, I use social media for work. And it is a good and fun thing. But I am a person prone to excess (cough *Chanel Jumbo Flap bag * cough) and the diet did me good. I have taken down my blog roll to a few key players. And I limit my time online. And with my free time I did things like play tennis and catch up with a girlfriend over a four hour lunch and I went to see another pal's prospective home (fingers crossed). I went to the farmers' market (Oakville has some good farmers' markets. In your eye, Toronto!) and I saw Pacific Rim in 3D (in that case, I'd had been better off Facebooking but I was in good company.) The kids and I are a lovely shade of brown (confession: we are, like, the whitest family. So even in almost-August, we still look super pale. But I have a watchband mark, which -- given that I wear SPF 60 -- is a coup.)

And there are no feelings of envy anymore. (Well, perhaps a few. I saw a woman wearing a pair of Valentino rockstud sandals and I wanted to steal them from her feet.) Generally, when you meet people in real life, you realize that they are just trying to get by like you are. Life is not a mad whirl of vacations and soccer trophies after all. So my new plan is to use social media to foster more and better real world relationships rather than as a relationship substitute (the Introvert in my personality type kind of likes to pretend that sitting alone at a computer is a social activity, so this is big.)

Does this mean I'm out of a job?

I'm not sure if I'm going to take on any of the other challenges in 7. It's such a great book and Hatmaker is just so darned charming that it might be tempting to try. In the meantime, I'm editing, budgeting, planning, working my Powersheets, and enjoying the last month of summer.

Keep safe, wear a hat and, when in doubt, phone a friend.


  1. Lovely post! I'm altogether too addicted to social media, and I'm not even sure why.


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