Facelift Reveal

No, not me. But my blog. Isn't she lovely? I wanted something classic that looked like really nice writing paper. I'm pretty happy with it.

I thought that it was fitting to have a whole new look during August since this month I'm celebrating shedding the old. Being a fan of scorched earth, I'd like to have a great big bonfire as a healing ritual, but I'm guessing that's frowned upon in old Oakville. So instead I'll simply treat myself with kindness (I'd also like to treat myself with this Etro coat, but given that my tuition refund won't be through until after Italy, I'm thinking that kindness will have to suffice. Being mature is such a drag sometimes.)

Happily, my garden is looking good.

Tonight we are having a wee party. Nominally, it's a birthday celebration but those who know me well know that I'm raising a glass to all sorts of small victories.

I'm going to the Canadian Gift and Table Association Trade show this weekend and will hopefully find some pretty things for the Shop section of the blog at some point.

Praise above. I'm getting tired of just sitting there, holding her copy of Strunk and White. 

I'm also seeing the tennis semi-finals and Sampras play McEnroe.

And getting ready for a little of this:

But in the meantime, there are still a few more days of this:

Gosh do I ever hate editing my own work. Editing other people is fine but with my own stuff I'm a bit "I thought it was decent before so why would I change it?" As I said before, maturity is highly overrated.