Jetlag, Blue Jasmine and Anne Graham Lotz

I'm still jetlagged. I take forever to get over it. I did not even realize it was Friday: hence, no Bliss Notes. I'm giving myself the gift of an easy few days to recover.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing Anne Graham Lotz speak at Crossroads. Lotz, who is Billy Graham's daughter and runs AnGel Ministries, has written a new book, Wounded by God's People, about those who have been hurt by the church and fellow Christians. I had my own experience with this and am glad that someone with such an impressive pedigree is taking on this topic. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the book and I cannot wait to dive in.

While I was at the lunch, I heard some good news on the Full Circle front. They are back on the air in re-runs on CTS. There is no other talk show in Canada for Christian women and I wish they'd bring this show back. Hopefully the reruns will be popular and they will resume taping. This show was a real lifeline for me at a dark point in my life and I'm privileged to have had an opportunity over the past year to get to know the hosts. God's work is not always done on the mission field and this show tackled issues from which most other Christian shows would shy away (as well as episodes that were just a lot of fun.) They are also hosting a live event on October 26 in Burlington, Ontario. I hope you can come. (People often ask if I work there, but I don't. I pay for my ticket like everyone else.)

I also went to see Blue Jasmine. After watching five movies (Populaire, Safe Haven, Admissions, The September Issue, and Les Miserables) on my flight home from Rome you'd think I'd be all movied out but no. When I first saw the trailer for Blue Jasmine, I absolutely wanted to see it (the clothes!) but then when I read the reviews, I decided it was something to avoid. The idea of watching Cate Blanchett clinging onto her old Chanel wardrobe, Veranda magazines, and last remnants of sanity after suffering a major reversal of fortune cut a little close to the bone (she's even thinking of becoming a decorator...) But I loved Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris and after Rome I was craving more beautiful things to see. So I went and, while I could not be as unsympathetic to Jasmine as I think I was supposed to be, I enjoyed it. Blanchett is amazing, playing a modern day Blanche Dubois. And don't get me started on her Vivier shoes. (For the record, Populaire is also a wonderfully pretty film and has a much frothier theme.)

I'll be back next week with my reports on Florence and Venice (Cipriani, Fortuny and Gritti, oh my!) I hope you have a happy long weekend!