La Dolce Vita: Florence

After Rome, I journeyed to Florence. It's a very pretty city surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

I love renaissance art and was really looking forward to seeing the Uffizi, which did not disappoint. There was a time in my life when I was semi-obsessed with the goings on of the Medici family and they have amassed an amazing collection. Sadly, we had a terrible tour guide in Florence who tried to discourage us from seeing the museum so most of the people we met in Florence missed out. They seemed more interested in buying leather jackets instead. As far as I'm concerned, the day people choose cheap leather over Botticelli marks the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

It's not that I have anything against leather, of course. One of the few planned purchases on this austerity trip was a pair of gloves from Madova, one of few leather crafters left that focus solely on gloves. They make the gloves for a number of high end fashion houses and they also sell their house brand gloves for a very good price.

I walked in, put my elbow on the little cushion made for fittings and was quickly outfitted with a pair of cashmere lined red leather gloves I had to get.

There is lots of leather for sale in Florence and most of it is awful. Madova was wonderful, however and well worth a stop if you are visiting.

Food in Florence was nice. Lots of outdoor patios. I grabbed a quick lunch at the Gucci Museum and was very impressed with their placemats.

A trip to Florence would not be complete without a trip to the many paper shops. I got some writing paper and monogrammed correspondence cards for me and some pencils and bookmarks as gifts. I love paper and Florence has a gorgeous selection.

Florence is lovely and I did not spend nearly enough time there. I'd love to have spent another day or two exploring. But it was time to leave for Venice...


  1. One of my coolest "art moments" was seeing the "Birth of Venus" as a teen. It was my favorite painting as a very young child and I just never noticed the text about its dimensions. I was brought to tears nearly upon seeing its huge scale and it is a really special memory of Florence.

    1. It's always amazing to see works you've known all your life. And yes, the scale was glorious! If my fellow tourists discover what they missed, I think they'll shed a tear of their own. Thanks for sharing!!


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