Fall preparation

It's been one of those weeks. The quote that comes to mind is from Blue Jasmine: "There are only so many traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming." Yup. Glad the week is almost over.

On Wednesday, which seems like a week ago now, I decided I needed a couple of new pieces for my fall wardrobe and wanted to check out the new outlet mall just north of Oakville. It's a Premium Outlets mall, which was designed for the gaggle of cross-border shoppers that seem to populate Halton.

The Burberry outlet is not yet open. I'd been hoping to pick up a new quilted barn jacket as I'm getting really tired of the purple one I bought at Neiman Marcus a hundred years ago.  I looked in Ralph Lauren (nice but low stock), Brooks Brothers (lovely and highly tempting!), J. Crew (needed clearer signage and less loud music), Hugo Boss (good but more office-y) and Banana Republic (the clothes need to be steamed - it looked like Columbo's closet in there.) I saw a few contenders but did not find a jacket I really liked. I then went into Tommy Hilfiger, which is a store I've not been in for years. I love their ad campaign of the past few years, though, with the country, preppy vibe.

Well, wouldn't you know that they had an adorable, loden green number like the one on the model above that makes me look as though I've just returned from the hunt? And it was under $100! 

It's just begging to be paired with this sweater from Joules. 

And this flask,

What pieces are you looking at for fall?