Box it up

We survived Christmas. Hallelujah!

In spite of all my grumblings, it went quite well. 

Christmas Eve, we went to church at The Meeting House. What a fantastic service: there was an amazing version of O Holy Night, projected snowflakes, and my beloved Revelation Song. Glorious. And look at the goody bags they distributed to amuse the children. So thoughtful! I'm an almost cradle Anglican but I've come to embrace this new style of worship in a big way.

After the service, we had Chinese food, which has been our Christmas Eve tradition since I was a child. Christmas would not be Christmas without egg rolls. 

I managed to dip into the new Tatler online since Canada won't receive the new issue for another few days. They have a fantastic article, Not Too Posh to Punch, about domestic violence in higher income relationships. I'm glad to see a publication like this take this issue on, as shining a light on it will help it to stop. This issue will shape my 2014 in some form.

Late Christmas Eve, I tiptoed around creating magic, even though I only have one believer in the house. 

On Christmas morning, my little ones allowed me to sleep until 7:39 am. The children would have slept longer but someone was eager to get up and see if she was entitled to Santa's cookies and milk. 

The gifts were a great success. My son received a remote control snowmobile and my daughter received all the supplies to start a cupcake business. The first batch was baked and iced before lunch. My parents provided me with a cashmere Christmas. Bliss!

On the years I don't have my kids with me for Christmas dinner, I refuse to cook a turkey. So we went off to the Royal York, one of the grand old railway hotels in the city. 

We kicked off the night with a pre-prandial glass of bubbly at the Library Bar. 

Then, there were five courses of deliciousness:

I was stuffethed (I believe that's the Dickensian term.) Christmas Night was lovely and mellow. 

Today, our Boxing Day, I got up early as the local ski shop was having a sale and I have developed an unhealthy fondness for Alp-n-Rock shirts on the slopes. 

I then went to Main Street Oakville to do a little shopping. I much prefer shopping in the picturesque town than driving to a mall. 

I picked up some things at Anthropologie on sale. I found a pretty little scarf as well as my first pair of reading glasses. Yes, now that my eyes are just over a week away from turning 42, they have decided to take it easy. I thought these tortoise-shell cats eye glasses were adorable. 

I had to replace a few ornaments that broke during the now-biennial Falling Over of the Christmas Tree so I took advantage of the 50% off sale. The double decker bus and eiffel tower will remind my children of their recent trip to London and Paris and the little ballet mouse was too sweet not to add to our ornament collection.

I bought some new home office supplies in the form of days of the week and je t'aime pencils and matryoshka doll page markers.

I also bought a few pieces to help my inner-French woman flourish in the kitchen.

And then my parents surprised me with an early birthday gift from the Brooks Brothers semi-annual sale: a new non-iron white shirt and this black silk dress. Both pieces are great classic building blocks for my more minimal wardrobe. 


I then made a light lunch for everyone and spent the afternoon lounging. My children return shortly and at some point I must tidy up the house. Considering how much I was dreading this holiday, I feel very blessed to have so many bright things on which to focus. 

I hope your holiday was merry and bright and if not, know that your silver lining awaits (perhaps even in the form of Bradley Cooper!) 


  1. Chinese food is also our tradition for Christmas Eve and O Holy Night is my most favorite Christmas song, it is so beautiful it almost always makes me tear up.

    Very envious of your five course deliciousness. Love, love your santa pup! Merry, merry and best wishes for the new year.

    1. It is a good teary carol, isn't it! Best wishes for your new year too.

  2. Lovely! I'm so glad you had fun.

    That little mouse reminds me of Angelina Ballerina.

    1. They had a pink one that was even more AB but I had to go for the tiny taupe sweater clad one with the tiara!


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