Chez Nous

We have moved. Thank the gods, it was relatively uneventful. (Two moves ago, we had to endure a lot of screaming in Russian about what to do about the broken family piano. Très stressful.) 

The house is big enough to contain the seven of us comfortably, which is saying something. We also have a nice plot of land where the neighbours do not loom over us in a menacing fashion. 

In order to get all of this on a budget in Southeast Oakville, we had to settle for some quirks. 

Like the holy-mother-of-god staircase that greets you at the front door. 

The real estate agent said that it a prospective buyer got a quote for $100,000 to reconfigure the thing due to the almighty catwalk above. 

I think that quote is on glue, but it won't be cheap to fix. So, I'm going to have to live with it. Perhaps we can stage a family production of Cats...

I plan to embrace my inner Carrington and Dynasty it up.

Think of the smug Christmas photo potential! 

Classy (or should I say, Klassy?)

I will need to do something about the lighting, but doing this sucker in Schonbek won't be cheap. Why did I think it was a good idea to leave investment banking to become a writer? 

As many of you know, before joining this three ring circus, Mr. Dwell was busy with three boys of his own. (They were four men/Living all together/Yet they were all alone...) So that means we have 4 boys in the house and three pets. 

I thought of simply taking a permanent room at The Dunes but instead made a She Space out of the dining room. 

Behold my cabinet of curiosities filled with design and self-help books. 

I went to my favourite consignment store and scored this peony floral handmade Barrymore sofa and matching chair for mucho cheapo. 

I think it was owned by one of those little old ladies who covered her sofa in plastic. It still has the order slip attached from 1989, which was the year I graduated from high school. 

Serena approves.

She stole the little pillow for her own bed.

In the moving chaos, I also took on a new writing gig at I write about getting your life back together after your world has fallen apart. Fellow contributor and supermodel Kim Alexis and I are going to be besties, I just know it!

I've also been writing for HuffPo about the fresh hell of moving

Now, I'm tired from all of the bragging. 

Time to unpack the rest of the booze and have a nap. 


Hello strangers!

Hope you have had a lovely couple of weeks. 

We are celebrating! 

My house has sold! 

It sold after a day but we had to wait for the i's to be dotted and t's crossed for the sold sign to go up. We were able to cancel the open house for the Easter weekend, however, and have an egg hunt instead. 

Sadly, I'd packed away most of the decorations and we had to settle for Dollarama chicks in the staged mums. 

Thankfully, the bunny came in spite of the lack of decorations.

We had Easter brunch at the club since I thought there might be potential home buyers sitting at the table with us when we made our plans. 

I love Easter brunch. It allows me to gussy up a bit. And yes, even though it's a sports club, they still provided lots of chocolate eggs. 

We have had terrible weather: icy rain and snow. After a winter of mild, now there would be good skiing! 

We've had to import spring this year. 

Since the house has been for sale, I've been refusing to cook. This is my new form of sustenance.

I've been too distracted to write but I've been reading. I read Jessica Knoll's terrific Luckiest Girl Alive. I thought it would be triggering but it was quite healing, particularly when the author revealed her own story. I also read Jane Green's Saving Grace. I love Jane Green. Next up on the docket is Caroline Leavitt's Cruel Beautiful World. I adore the cover.

Mr. Selfridge and Nashville are back on the air. Love both of those series. They will keep me distracted while I finish the last of the packing. Once my house is packed, we can turn our attention to Mr. Dwell's house. Thankfully, we are keeping that one for a while while we figure out whether to sell, reno, or rent it out. Maybe one of those design shows could help us with that. We have a very telegenic dog!

(Speaking of which, Serena is looking forward to reporting for duty as a therapy dog. She starts tomorrow so please wish us luck...)

Last evening, the Mr. and I embarked on something that tears many couples apart: we went to the mattress shop to buy a new bed. We ended up splashing out on a Tempurpedic with some kind of high-tech platform thingy that guarantees us excellent sleep for the rest of our lives. Oh, how I love the promise of purchased happiness!

We move next week so I'll be offline for a bit but will be catching up with all of you via the blogworld and instagram.

Happy spring!

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