Spring Shopping and the 24 weekend

I really and truly am trying to pare things down in my life: moving will do that to you. Then again, I don't plan on moving for a very long time. Preferably, not until I am tucked into some chic wicker casket like a Dowager Duchess when I am a nonagenarian.

So I let myself pick up a few spring pieces in addition to my Mansur Gabriel bucket bag, which I love like crazy cakes.

First up, were these Soludos flamingo smoking slipper espadrilles from The September since I never did get over missing Lily Pulitzer for Target and needed to get my whimsy on. I ordered them in the middle of my move and accidentally sent them to the old house. I did not think it was a problem since they were being shipped via Canada Post and I'd paid for mail forwarding. But they did not arrive and did not arrive and did not arrive...

After lengthy discussions with The September (who are fabulous!) and Canada Post, I learned that paying for mail forwarding only forwards letter mail, not parcels. And nobody could find the shoes. The September customer service were rock stars in trying to track these down and we had everyone looking for my shoes. The September sent me a slightly larger pair in the interim to see if they might fit but they were too big. My kids love to joke about #oakvilleproblems, which is a slightly snobbier spin on #firstworldproblems. Losing my flamingo smoking slipper espadrilles fell firmly into that camp and we all had a good laugh about it. Then, I got a call from my home buyers on the weekend that they had arrived. Yippee! They are great for around the house since my feet are always freezing but my shearling slippers are a bit much for this time of year.

Next on the list was a print kimono from Zara because sometimes, in my head, I am Kate Hudson.

I pair it with rippy cuffed jeans and a tank top.

(I am now using my 1980s catwalk as a selfie stage. Very Kardashian of me!) 

I like how the kimono covers everything up as I have been eating for Canada. This past weekend was the May 24 weekend, where we Canucks like to give Queen Victoria a nod. Saturday, I took the littles to Locke Street in Hamilton for brunch and a walk around the streets. I'm obsessed with the candles at Pure Home Couture. I also have a bunch of those Sid Dickens tiles kicking around from Mr. Dwell's place. I normally don't like collectibles, but I fell in love with Calista at Pure Home and had to bring her home.

She provides grounding for the other tiles so I finally put them up on the wall over my headboard. Since I bought her, I've seen references to Calista three more times. I'm a signs and wonders gal so I'm curious what it all means.

On Locke Street, we may or may not have gone into Bitten cupcakes and may or may not have come home with six cupcakes. One of those cupcakes may or may not have been topped with a whoopie pie.

Sunday, we went to my favourite place in the world: the donkey sanctuary near Guelph. We sponsored a miniature named Sable since we were actually able to agree on a donkey this year (the Chico vs Princess battle of 2015 was not repeated, thank the stars.) We found a place to have lunch on a lake since I was sort of missing the cottage (I don't miss the work or the expense, but on the two-four weekend, it's nice to have lunch on water.) There may or may not have been french fries involved.

Monday, I enforced some family fun with a hike. There is nothing like walking single file behind baby carriages and people wearing inappropriate footwear to make you feel like you stepped out of the pages of Wild. Next time, we will drive further out into the country. But, the kids were able to play in a waterfall and, after, we found a place for lunch that served butter tarts. Because if you do not eat butter tarts on the Victoria Day weekend, you cannot be considered a Canadian.

We have the best new neighbours in the world. They host a fireworks display that's worthy of Ontario Place and they serve wine while you watch. There is nothing wrong with that.

After all of this indulging, I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine. I hope you had a great Victoria Day and are planning a fun Memorial Day weekend if you celebrate that. Keep your face tilted towards the sun, y'all.

Mother's Day, the Kentucky Derby, and how to throw a party in the middle of moving

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I used to never wish anyone Happy Mother's Day. It was my most hated holiday when I was going through fertility treatments. Now I love it and, although I'm sensitive that it's a painful day for some, I have started to allow myself to celebrate it. I'm learning that it's OK to love the things that I love even if they aren't available to everyone.

We are settling in nicely to Casa Dwell. The day we moved in, I decided that throwing a party would create a nice forcing function to encourage us to unpack. So I invited a small group of around 50 to watch the Kentucky Derby with us this past Saturday. Of course, it was chilly and raining on and off so everyone was inside and you know what? It was marvellous. I set some brie on fire, making my pretty blue lined oven look old and terrible right away, but thankfully I had the wherewithal to have caterers do almost everything else. We made Mint Juleps with the assistance of a guest who is Kentucky born and bred and they were fabulous. My daughter made up a starting grid so people could guess who would win. It was lots of fun and people got quite into it, wearing all manner of fancy hat. I think this will become an annual thing.

In fashion news, I treated myself to Mansur Gavriel bucket bag to celebrate moving, starting my writing gig at 1010ParkPlace, and being accepted as a professional member of PWAC (which means I'm an official writer now.) The bag is pretty (look at that red lining!) and functional and I've received lots of compliments already. It seems like a very good purchase.

We are in the middle of selling Mr. Dwell's house, which is never great for the manicure. (An expression, of course, I actually hate manicures!) And we now have five kids and two dogs under one roof. So far, there has only been one small scrape when Serena decided to let Sailor, the Portuguese Water Dog, know who's boss when he thought her Kentucky Derby costume was a toy. (She was wearing it at the time!) Serena remains the alpha and all is right in her world. The rest of us are falling in line...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day if you celebrate and are having a marvellous May.

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