Weekend getaway

Mr. Dwell and I had a little weekend getaway to Port Stanley. The Mr had worked at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre one summer and we thought it might be fun to revisit his old stomping ground. Plus, it's a beach town and that's always a good thing. 

We stayed at the Kettle Creek Inn. 

It's a charming inn (think Gilmore Girls) and our suite was lovely, with a cute fireplace in the living room.

We had a lovely balcony overlooking the gardens where we could sit and read. 

The food was excellent. I ordered the Heritage Greens with Lake Erie pickerel and it was a beautiful meal. 

(The ever-present rosé.) 

Apparently, you have not been to Port Stanley until you've had ice cream at Broderick's Ice Cream Parlour.

Well, one doesn't want to mess around with a rule like that. 

The play we saw at The Port Stanley Festival Theatre was The Ladies Foursome, which is a light  comedy. It was really quite good. It also provides some great insights into female friendships in one's forties. It's well worth seeing if it rolls through your town.

The inn provided a hearty breakfast the next morning. I had the fresh blueberry bagels with cream cheese, fruit, yogurt, and a bit of apple cinnamon loaf. 

We went for a morning walk on the beach. I'm not a sun person but I love the ocean and Lake Erie is large enough that it feels rather ocean-like. Apparently Port Stanley is a madhouse on long weekends in the summer but on a Sunday morning it's very peaceful. I always feel so much better after I've been by the water for a bit. 

We ate lunch at Mackie's, which is a beach burger shack that has been around since the Mr. was in school. The fresh perch sandwich is fantastic if you are to find yourself having trouble deciding what to order. 

We then drove into nearby Sparta. I was expecting Thermopylae but there were just a couple of quaint little shops. I've been lusting after the adorable fuzzy chicks that Sheila, of My Kentucky Living, had on her Easter table and, wouldn't you know it, the Sparta Candle Shop had a pair! 

They will make my Easter table festive next year (once I find the rest of the decorations, of course!) 

We stopped by Moore Water Gardens where we had a Monet moment. 

I'm not as discipline a packer as DaniBP, but I did build a theme mainly around blue and white, wearing my Anthropologie tunic with my Milly for Banana Republic shorts and my Candy Shop Vintage Elephants on Parade necklace (I get compliments on this necklace every time I wear it.)

To the theatre I wore an ancient Alfred Sung for Zellers (!) dress I bought years ago and it's so wearable that I take it every time I travel. You just throw it in the washing machine and it is as good as new. I pair it with a Brooks Brothers Cashmere cardigan I bought years ago. It's that gorgeous smooth, not fuzzy, cashmere and it hand washes beautifully. I wish I bought one in every colour at the time.

The next day, I wore a navy cotton striped dress from Montreal's Boutique 1861. They have cute pieces for a great price. They seem to be out of this dress there now, but its available at ASOS in some sizes.

I carry my LV Eva whenever I travel since you can wear it as a cross-body bag or remove the strap and wear it as an evening bag with the little gold chain.

I was not sure if we would get in a dip in the lake so I brought along my beach bag. It's H&M and I sewed some 1960s raffia pompoms I took off a bedraggled vintage children's hat I found. That's about as crafty as it gets for me, my friends.

Serena's a fan of the raffia pom poms too.

I find that weekends are so much longer and more relaxing when one is able to get away. After all of the moving and to-ing and fro-ing of the kids, we needed a bit of R&R and were lucky to find time to work this in.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Wishing you a happy and productive week!

Christie Antique Show, Settling In, and Doggy Friends

I hope you are all well. Can you believe it's June? School is almost over. We've been making our summer plans. 

We are finally settling into the new home.. We are really enjoying the yard as it's been a spectacularly warm spring. I am learning to live in a more testosterone-charged household. I wrote about it for 1010ParkPlace.com.

I have a new favourite summer wine with the Château La Tour de l'Évêque rosé. Delicious! 

Love the view from my office. 

The garden has yielded some peonies, which makes me all kinds of happy.

After last year's adventures in red, I'm fully back to Bergdorf Blond. I've cut a few inches off too as I'm wary of that mutton-dressed-as-lamb thing.

We've done a tiny makeover on the home front with the installation of a new office door. Before, I saw and heard everyone clomping up and down the 1980s Alexis Carrington staircase.

The temporary screen was inadequate as you could still see and hear everything.

Voila! A 100 year old mahogany church door from The Door Store was installed. It's high gloss black in my office to pair with the chinoiserie lacquered sideboard.

On the flip side, it's showing off its natural patina.

Mr. Dwell's House has sold!

We now just have the one house, although I have my eye on some income properties in Hamilton. I love that town! Not only do they have Locke Street and Aberdeen, but they also have fries on the beach!

I'll be happy to not have house or moving stress for a while, though. It's driven me to absinthe! We went to Bar Isabel in Toronto for one of the boys' birthdays. They know how to serve absinthe correctly, which is not something that can always be assumed.  I also ate my body weight in cured meats. I'll chalk it all up to stress.

One of my favourite events of the year is the twice-annual antiques show at Christie Conservation Area, which we attended last weekend.

I loved these cheese and ammunition boxes but could not figure out a home for them.

This year, there was an extra special treat as Carol Tanenbaum Vintage Jewelry was at the show.

I forgot to take a bunch of pictures because I was too busy pawing through all the finds. This little Dior piece followed me home.

There may or may not have been poutine consumed. It was not entirely authentic (shredded cheese rather than curds) but we managed to make do.

This weekend, I braved the outlet mall in Halton. I have trouble with crowds so we got there when it opened. I scored some Tory Burch outlet finds. It was $130 for a dress, pants and a tunic top. Crazy bargains.

My kids got some cute things for summer. And Mr. Dwell did well too. Still, I can only do that every so often. I prefer to shop online.

I finished Pictures of You. After finishing Cruel Beautiful World, I wanted to read more Caroline Leavitt. It's a beautifully told story about the complexity of grief and if you are looking for something to read, I highly recommend it.

How cute are these two? Serena and Sailor have become best friends, and spend all day walking around the house as a duo.

I hope you are having a marvellous start to June and have some fun plans in place for summer. 

Take care,

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