Can you believe it's August  already? We've had crazy hot weather for weeks and weeks so it feels like the summer is already coming to an end.

Serena turned 9 in July. She's a woman of a certain age now.

I've been missing the family cottage quite a bit, and have been taking some day trips. We had lunch on Puslinch Lake and went to Port Dover (that's a colourful experience) and went to the Finger Lakes for a few days. I drove the track at Watkins Glen. I was not the fastest on the track but others did not have to worry about their children's safety and a trunk full of Target bags.

We have started sailing lessons because, if we like it, sailboats are a good proxy for a cottage and we can bike to a couple of yacht clubs.

I've been writing, writing,writing. I've ripped my novel-in-process down to the studs and built it back up with 100 pages that make me happy so far. I realized I was using the novel as therapy too much and had to rework it significantly. So this is why not everyone has a novel published: it's bloody hard!

I'm writing weekly at If you want to see how to enjoy a cottage without having a cottage, check out my latest for HuffPo Canada.

In between bouts of self-loathing associated with authorship, taking Serena to her work, and going to the gym while the kids are in day camp, I've managed a few other things.

I managed to get downtown for the launch of Karma Brown's newest book. Do you read her? You should! The newest one, The Choices We Make, is a tearjerker and has some parallels to the author's own life.

We saw Guns & Roses at their reunion concert. That was some good old school fun (I went to a roller palace with the kids the same day because it's always 1989 somewhere.)

I had lunch with one of my favourite bloggers.

I like to keep busy to keep the black dogs at bay. I put some old Hello My Name Is stickers dotted with lip colour on my lipstick cases to show me what lipstick colours I have at a glance. Otherwise, all of the cases look the same.  Organizing always lifts my mood.

I'm also trying some mindfulness work. Got to calm the anxiety somehow and I can't sit by the ocean 24/7 (the ocean is a surefire calming place.)

Now that the move is behind us, we are starting to get into wedding planning mode once again. It's only six months away so we need to shake our tail feathers into high gear. We've done the big things but have to pin down the little ones.

I'm reading a lot these days. My Goodreads picks are on my sidebar if you are looking for something to read. I only ever review books I really liked (I usually won't give a bad review: writing is too hard to not appreciate someone else's efforts. But I also won't say a book is good when it's not. If it's not 4 or 5 stars, I often just pretend I never read it.)

I hope you are having a great summer. I'm mainly hanging out on Instagram because I'm very lazy and it's such an easy app. Plus, a lot of my blogging pals are there and it always offers great conversation.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Keep calm and carry on, my friends.


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