It's the first day of fall, my favourite time of year. I'm obsessed with apples and pumpkins and sweaters. If I could arrange it, I'd live in a Sarah Vickers Instagram story. I cannot wait to dip into the sweater archives in my closet.

I've been writing and writing and writing and am very very happy with the first half of my book. The characters have surprised me in a good way. The working title is The Saints of Suburbia and, yes, it's about Oakville: Southeast Oakville in particular. I thought that people would be wary of me when I tell them I'm writing a novel about this place but instead they tell me all of their stories. I think everyone secretly wants to be written about in a book.

Summer was good. I was exhausted after the move and had some low periods, but I'm learning to weather the ebb and flow. I have also learned how healing the ocean is to me. We spent a divine week in Cuba and I felt the best I've felt in months. We are looking at some ways to spend more time on the water. We are doing some sailing on Lake Ontario, which works when we are here, but I'd like to make the ocean a bigger part of my life and we are exploring all sorts of possibilities.

I've been working my fingers to the bone writing the book and for 1010ParkPlace and HuffPo. My latest articles (including one on the wonderful Dolly Parton) can be found here and here. My next piece for 1010 is about my visit to a convent. As you can see from the photo below, the nuns have wonderful taste in stained glass.

I hope you have a wonderful fall. I'm writing here a little less since I'm writing so many other places, but I'll put major updates here. And you can always catch me on Instagram, where Serena and I like to hang out.

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