Black Fri-Yay!

Canada has embraced Black Friday over the past few years. My heart will always belong to Boxing Day, but the call of the sales is enticing. Today, Anthropologie on Oakville's main street has everything in the store for 30% off.

When Anthro has a sale, its jeans are a ridiculous bargain. I hate spending money on jeans - mostly I buy the Nygard jeggings at Costco for $13. I do not follow jean trends at all. I focus on jackets and bags so as long as the jeans make me look reasonable, I'm good. But jeans tend to be 1/2 off in the Anthro sale room and then the extra 30% brings $200 jeans down to $60-70 Canadian . It's a particularly good deal because the sale prices tend to be on par with the US sale prices (the full price items are adjusted for currency differences.) In spite of our savvy, sexy, socialist Prime Minister, our dollar still trades at 75 cents on the greenback.

I picked up two pairs of jeans and they are both more on trend than anything I currently own. While in the sale room, I picked up two little malachite trays for $5.56 a piece. I saw a matching malachite candle for $13.96 that I thought would be cute for the powder room so I threw it in my cart. I have a slight malachite obsession, it would seem.

When I got to the cash, the woman ringing in my purchases got quite excited and announced that I bought a candle and then a few sales associates started to clap. Apparently I'd made the first candle purchase of the day and was entitled to a prize. They handed me a green box wrapped in metallic twine and pretty snowflakes. Inside, nestled in tinsel, was a $50 gift card.

How lovely! I'm a signs and wonders girl and am always looking for little signs that things are going in the right direction. After a season of grief, I've been trying to make some very big changes lately so I'm taking this as a celestial nod. My higher power would deal in Anthro cards, I suspect.

These are some cute pieces that might be gift card-worthy in future.

SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a very happy weekend. For those of you with leftover turkey and pie in your fridges, it should be a simple task.


  1. Wow that's a really lovely surprise. Who knew buying a candle could go so well. Sounds like Anthro was offering some great deals. Buying denim is so confusing these days so good job finding some you like that didn't cost 9 million dollars. I've just discovered the Madewell skinny skinny jeans and I love them, but they do cost 9 million dollars. xx


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