Hallloween, poisons, and too many Kit Kats

We all survived Halloween. I'm not a Fan. I'm a very private person IRL and do not like all of the ding donging at my door. The kids love it, however, in all of its tacky splendour, so I attempt to be a good sport. I soothe myself by inhaling mini Kit Kats. Today's wedding dress fitting should be a blast. I hope the lady working the zipper has very strong arms.

We had some sad news on the pet front. Thomas was Mr. RJL's cat long before we met and was an ornery barn cat who lived outside. He lived a very full life, scratching and scrapping, and it was only when he became a sweetheart that we realized something was wrong. He went quickly, with rapid onset diabetes and organ failure. His was a life well lived. We will miss him.

I'm noodling away on the novel, researching poisons for one of my characters. It makes the family nervous. I think they are considering hiring a beefeater on days they do not hang up their towels properly!

Visiting the Poison Garden at Alnwick is now at the very top of my bucket list.

source: tripadvisor.com

I also want a trip aboard the Royal Scotsman, and to swan about in an Etro robe aboard a Crystal Cruise (the cruise is something I will be doing shortly.)

On the topic of bucket lists, I have a request of the universe to explain to the real estate agents in my neighbourhood that a Bucket List is different than a To Do list. "Clean the eavestroughs" should never, ever appear on a bucket list in spite of their suggestion on the flyer they sent around. If the only thing you want to do before dying is clean your eaves, I'd suggest you need a slightly bigger life. At least try to watch The Crown on Netflix before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

I am trying to be very, very good during the fall sales since I'm now on this whole Property Empress kick and would rather use my pennies on appreciable assets. But I had to bring home some Face Stockholm highlighter to put in the inner corner of my eyes that have completely disappeared for some reason. I also am embracing the leopard after receiving a lot of compliments on my leopard Forever 21 coat I wore to a friend's wedding, paired with a vintage J Crew dress. The coat - and the fact that I'm standing next to a super glam news anchor - distracted people from my disappearing eyes. I think a leopard sweater is needed post haste! 

Then there is the Anthro dress. Some people take heroin when the world proves to be too much. I swathe myself in velvet. We each have our poison, after all. 

Hope the world is treating you with kindness. 


  1. Very sad about Thomas the cat. And ugh I feel the same way about Halloween, I actually left a basket of treats on my porch with a note, turned on a bunch of led candles and left my house. The door ringing sends Scout into a frenzy which adds another horrible dimension to the entire evening. Fortunately I'd been invited to a cocktail party so I spent the evening at a friend's house.
    Looking absolutely gorgeous in your leopard coat, and I thought that dark-haired woman looked familiar, I've seen her on the news I guess? I'm wearing a JCrew leopard print sweater today. Great item, I wear mine loads.
    Happy Sunday Jen! XOX

  2. Thank you, Dani! Look forward to catching up soon. xo


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