Magical Help

As I struggle with a season of anxiety, I'm trying a number of things to help keep the black dogs at bay.

Medicine makes me sick. I just can't deal with the side effects. So I have to turn to more natural methods. I take a lot of comfort in candles and crystals. I love beeswax candles since they are said to clean the air by releasing negative ions. I dropped science for drama so I'm not sure how it works, but I always feel happier with a nice candle burning.

I've also embraced crystals, which does seem like woo woo magic. But when I'm wearing lepidolite and rose quartz, I'm better able to handle difficult people. Plus, they are very pretty.

Also, I read read read. I'm discussing some of the books I've enjoyed at the 1010ParkPlace Book Club. This month, I interviewed author Holly Robinson about her book, Folly Cove. In December, we are reading Plum Johnson's They Left Us Everything. Click here for the details. 


  1. I just switched to burning all-beeswax candles in my house for the negative ions etc. Don't really get it but I'll try anything. It's been a very anxious time for many reasons and we've also been battling The Plague in our house. I still have it, it oddly comes and goes which is worse than just all-out sick in some ways. I can't seem to get it over with.
    Me too, I've been reading constantly. Just finished All The Pretty Horses, depressing, also This Town, for political junkies, also depressing. Have you read The Fall Guy, so good. Just now started on Commonwealth, Ann Patchett, loving it.

  2. Dani, hope you are on the mend soon. I think this warm weather is amping up the viruses. Everyone seems sick. Not fun.

    I'm just about to start Commonwealth too. Just finished Alice Hoffman's Faithful. Really enjoyed it. Looking for uplifting reads these days. xoxo


Thank you, darling!

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