The Angels of Hamilton

I love all things Hamilton - the place, not the musical - although I hear the musical is meant to be excellent as well. The place we currently live is pleasant enough, but Hamilton is that perfect blend of town and country with deeply urban spots and gorgeous conservation areas. It's my spiritual home and I'd love to buy a fixer upper to restore to give me as much time there as possible while continuing to live where we live for the time being. 

Last evening, the Mr. and went to Locke Street for coffee. We split a vegan Hello Dolly square that was divine. I have an egg allergy so it's nice to be able to have dessert without having my epipen at the ready.

When I went to powder my nose before leaving, I saw this quote written in sharpie marker on the back of the bathroom door.

It's one of my favourites quotes. I love it when I stumble over words that have given me comfort.

When I returned, the Mr. had given our table to some people waiting for a space and had started chatting with four gentlemen who were playing chess. One of them was wearing an Amnesty International t-shirt, which I took as a very good sign. Another -- a writer -- spoke of the soul enriching qualities of the community and offered to show us around at a future date. The foursome were very friendly and had a sense of ease and contentment you don't see every day. It was exactly what I needed that night.

As we left, I quickly checked the floor for feathers, as my godmother advises whenever anything out of the ordinary occurs. The entire evening seemed somehow heaven-sent and I look forward to spending more time in this magical place.