Come From Away

When were were negotiating to buy our ocean house in Nova Scotia, we heard the term CFA a lot. Come From Away is an east coast term for outsiders. In our case, it's anyone not born at the local hospital in Lunenburg. The fact that the Mr. worked in Halifax at the start of his career counts for nothing. We are Come From Aways through and through.

The term is not in any way a pejorative: it's simply an identifier. There are locals. And there are CFAs.

When we saw the ads for the Mirvish production of Come From Away, we had to get tickets even though becoming CFAs was still a pipe dream at the time. On Saturday, we attended the show. It's become quite the hot ticket in town as the reviews have been terrific and it's only briefly in Toronto on its way to Broadway.

Boy, it's terrific!

The musical tells the story of the 38 planes that landed in Gander, Newfoundland when the airspace was closed after 9/11. Gander, a tiny town of 9000 people quickly welcomed 7000 stranded passengers and this musical is a tribute to the good that came out of a terrible time. It's equal parts comedy and tear-jerker. Everyone in the sold out audience was moved.

It's going to be hard to get a ticket to the show in Toronto, but it starts its run on Broadway on February 18 and opens March 12. It's a beautiful telling of a beautiful tale. If you can get your hands on tickets, you need to go.