Surprise Salt Scrub Shower

I was invited by my friend S to a salt scrub workshop my friend C was running. Now you must understand, C - who also happens to be my yoga instructor - is always up for a good time. So this scrub workshop could have involved just about anything: buying scrubs, making scrubs, being scrubbed. I've been super busy so I did not focus on the details until the day of the event. I asked S what to be wear. Yoga gear? A towel? With C, you never know.

I arrived at Nuworld Botanicals's retail space (they also sell their amazing goods online) where the workshop was being held.


The yoga ladies were hosting a shower for me.

Thank heavens I wore actual clothes.

The lovely owners of Nuworld walked us though making salt scrub at their raw bar. It was like baking: I mixed up some sea salt, grapeseed oil, pineapple enzyme, and green tea balm, and then added chamomile, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils for scent.

I selected some blue chamomile balm to go with the salts. I also picked out an Anxiety Relief aromatherapy roll-on. Because house deal + wedding + blending + Christmas = mucho mucho stress.

S is super talented cook and baker (she is making my wedding cakes) and made some amazing sandwiches and cakes. There were lots of other goodies too. #Spoiled.

We had a lovely time chatting. I feel very spoiled to have showers at this age and stage. I guess this wedding thing is really happening!

Swag included a Wander with Love Spiritual Gangster shirt, an apron designed by local designer a. wak, and some booze. If the Anxiety Relief roller does not relieve my stress, the Ketel One will!

The secret, I've discovered, to Surviving Stepford is to find your own tribe. There are lots of great people here. You just need to know where to find them...


  1. Hi Jen, that's so lovely that your friends organized the shower for you. Yes, you have definitely found your tribe!


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