Comfort for Monday

Today, I felt like doing this.


But a friend of mine from high school always reminds me how Mr. Rogers urges us, in times of trouble, to look for the helpers. There are lots of helpers. The ACLU has raised $24 million so far (they normally raise $3.5 million per year) and so many people are doing what they can to help. Focusing on the helpers - and being one of the helpers - is one way to not let this get to you. Ann Douglas also offers an excellent guide on how to preserve your sanity when the news is so very crazy. It's well worth your time to read it.

I find that it's important to get out and do normal things. Perhaps it's wishful makeuping but I find it helps to make an effort when I feel like crawling back into bed. I went to my step class and, after a hot shower and hot rollering my hair, put on my coziest sweater. It's bliss with sleeves.

I've also been applying calming essential oils from NuWorld Botanicals that I received in a swag bag at Kit and Ace's S/S17 fashion show. It's very calming.

I then sat on the phone with Apple for 4 hours. One might think that this would make one lose faith in humanity, but they were awesome. This all started on the weekend when we were at Apple getting my daughter's phone fixed. I mentioned to the genius bar person that my iPhone never sends my photos to my Mac because I seem to have 2 iCloud accounts and they told me they would fix it.

Engineering is on the case now. And I have the email and phone of a real life senior person who has committed to getting this fixed, which is something that's been on my To Do list for years. That's pretty great customer service.

On the weekend, I made the decision that while I love second hand case goods, my allergies do not allow second hand soft furnishings since they can contain unknown cat hair and dust. After almost a year of being allergic to my gorgeous second-hand Barrymore sofa, in spite of professional cleaning, I decided to order something new. We went to Cornerstone Interiors in Cambridge and found what we needed. I ordered a sofa from Decor-Rest in a grey textured velvet and a Rowe chair in this gorgeous fabric:

We also decided on a new extendible kitchen table since we vary from 2 at dinner to 9, depending on who is home and I do not want to look like the Duggars unless we are feeding a crowd.

Right now, I'm Desire Mapping the heck out of January.

I love how Danielle Laporte focuses on soul goals rather than to do lists. It's a great way to plan one's year. I need to build in some new volunteer activities. Ms Serena is slowing down and I miss working with her clients as regularly as I had been. I've also abandoned the novel for the time being as I need a writing project that brings me out into the world instead of drawing me into my head. It's key for me right now. Laporte is a big fan of adjusting your To Do list from time to time. I've started to work on another project that I think will take me in a better direction.

I hope you are engaging in radical self care and are surrounded by helping types. Keep your chin up, peacocks.


  1. Hi Jen, thanks for the link, I need it! Last week I volunteered to be on a committee for a community project - hopefully that will keep me somewhat preoccupied once it gets started.

    We bought 2 new sofas from Decor-Rest last year - they are very well made, I'm sure you'll be happy with yours. Too bad about your Barrymore sofa - I had a quick look at their website, their furniture is beautiful!

    1. I'm glad you had good success with the sofas. I love Barrymore and have had them make pieces in the past. I was so excited to get that quality at a bargain but alas it did not work.

      Volunteer work is so key to not feeling helpless, I find. It's important to make our little corner of the world a lovely place for others. I wish you luck on your committee. xoxo


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