Bringing Street Style to Stepford, inspired by NYFW

I've loved fashion since my high school and university days, when I sewed my own pencil skirts using Vogue patterns since I had a limited budget and hated the offerings at the mall. I moved away from fashion for a while. Because life. But in 2017, I plan to kick it up a notch. When I dress better, I feel better. That's part of my new narrative too.

I've always loved fashion week (I used to skip school in high school to attend Toronto fashion week) but my favourite part of fashion week is seeing the accompanying street style. It seems a much more achievable look for everyday life in Stepford than attempting haute couture. I once - once - wore a pair of cage shoes to school pickup and, I swear, never again. Street style is much more doable. These are some of my favourite street style looks from New York Fashion Week via The Cut.

Basically, I love an oversized classic coat, a tiny boxy bag, and stripes.

It's a look one could create from choices from The RealReal, which is an online luxury consignment shop I've shopped from in the past. They've asked me to be an Influencer, which is awesome since, around these parts, I rarely influence anything. It's an affiliate program so if you click the links and buy things, apparently I get paid which, again, is awesome because the local Whole Foods is no longer accepting smiles as payment. The link is in my sidebar and, right now, they are offering an extra 20% off most items with the code NYFW.

I've also had lots of compliments on my Goyard St. Louis bag, which is the patron saint of this blog. If you want your own, they have one of the fancy pants burgundy ones right now (they tend to sell out quickly.) They take great pains to authenticate their pieces so you can shop confidently with them.

I hope you have a good week ahead. I plan to dig into the new book with a lot of research into neuroplasticity. I'm also becoming a Certified Crystal Reader since I like to keep things fresh.

Keep on smiling, kittens.