Life's a Party

OK, enough with all the serious. Sometimes, I just want to be lighthearted.

Like these guys.

Seriously, are these two not the laziest dogs ever? They are both old - Sailor is 11 and Serena is 9 - but still! It's nice how they've become good friends. Sailor is Yin to Serena's Yang. They've taken on each other's bad habits and gang up on me when they want food. It's all very adorable. 

I'm getting spring fever and craving some punches of colour. I'm kind of loving J. Crew's newest collection. This is not an affiliate link since I find their affiliate program complicated and I'm really quite lazy. (Update: Someone sent me details of how to make this less complicated so the links might actually work now!) 

This is what I wear in the life I tend to live in my head. 

Love pink tulle ballgown skirt even though it's not even remotely practical for a 45 year old from Stepford. Perhaps I can wear it in Lunenburg...

Loving the Eyelet Dress in Soft Blossom even though Soft Blossom is a weird name for a colour. Blush, people, it's blush! I like the black colour even better, but this post is all about pink. 

Loving this one shoulder number even though I'm sure I'd have to snap my fingers in the air and shout OlĂ© every time I wore it. 

These are positively super looking flats - very Chanel. The Pale Petal is a very pretty colour, I think. They are now on sale and I'd get them if I did not already own 752* pairs of J. Crew ballet flats. 

*number may be a slight exaggeration. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. If you've not subscribed to the newsletter, please do so in the sidebar on the right. I'll be sending it out tomorrow if the tech gods are kind. 



  1. Blush is on my radar too and quite a bit of it is ending up in my wardrobe. I adore tulle skirts but fear this 60 year old would feel a tad asinine wearing it in suburbia:)xoxo


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