Spring has sprung

Hello y'all!

It's been positively balmy around here. I fear that ski season may be coming to a premature end, but I'm happy to see the sunshine. We had a long weekend and instead of going up north to ski, we drove to a beach and ate ice cream. (I was in a jacket: it's not that warm!)

I'm so looking forward to spring this year. I love between Valentine's day and Easter. I guess I'm a Lent kind of girl. I find that the light is bright, the spring fashions are arriving, and everyone feels hopeful since the days are growing longer.

I had to bring home these shoes from J Crew's spring sale in anticipation.

I also picked up another one of these oval clips in the pink lucite (I have the dark tortoise.)

On Saturday, the Mr. and I went to Hamilton to try out Mattson and Co. on Locke Street. What a lovely spot. The food was delicious and I had a terrific viognier. I can't drink red wine but like something a bit more complex that most whites and, for me, a good viognier fits that bill. We chatted briefly with Ronn, the owner. We then snuck over to Detour for their vegan Hello Dolly bar. Because I can't eat egg, I have to skip most restaurant desserts so this was a treat. We also popped into Pure Home. The Vintage Peony candle smells delicious for spring and I love to shop locally.

The rest of the weekend was kid focused with country drives, the auto show, Forza, tv-marathons, shopping, and restaurant visits. If you have a chance to watch the Tiny House doco on Netflix do: it's very good. Ditto for Minimalism and Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru. Bring tissues for all of them.

I have to thank Patricia for linking me to the Widower of the Parish columns at the Observer: very relevant and very well written! It's well worth a read even if you don't share his experience. I also finished The Color of Rain. I liked the movie better (which is rare for me!) but it's still a good read.

I've done up a little printable as I practice my design skills. Feel free to download and print!

Have a lovely Tuesday. 



  1. Hi Jen, glad you enjoyed the columns. I wonder how long he will continue to write them? I'm glad to see the snow slowly melt, but somehow I don't think I'll be putting the parka away yet! :0) Enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts.

    1. He's such a good writer. Hopefully he keeps writing for a while. I'd love to see him find new love. It's so warm here today. Feels like spring is here to stay but I've been tricked before! xo


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