A fresh new blog look, dream house, and lipstick

Well, I've gone and redesigned the blog again. I missed Saved by Salt Water and I wanted a beach theme. It's been four months since I've been near salt water and I'm starting to crave it again. We're going to make a quick trip out east this month to check on the new place. I'm not sure we really own it. Nova Scotia real estate deals are a lot more chill than here so it seems like we could not possibly have purchased property (the document describing our property lines is basically a diary entry from the early 1900s.) When we are out there, I'll be measuring for furniture so it will make it all much more real.

I was excited to see over at The Glam Pad that the Sugarbaker house from Designing Women is up for sale. And by Stepford standards, it's quite reasonably priced. The timing is funny as I've been watching season one of Designing Women on DVD. Growing up, I loved that show as my aunts reminded me of the Sugarbaker sisters (most were Julia, one was Suzanne). I think one of the reasons I signed up for interior decorating school when I first moved to Stepford was because I'd been so fond of that show.

Recently, my DIY skills were invoked as I had to fix the Roomba. Serena freaks out when she's around vacuums, brooms, shovels: basically anything with a handle that's pushed along the ground. She chipped a tooth the last time she got hold of a cleaning tool, but the Roomba, she allows. It's small, round and eats everything it its path: I think she thinks it's another Frenchie. I love it when I can fix things and they work again. Such a feeling of satisfaction!

I'm debating the purchase of a spring lipstick. I'm loving the look of the Chanel Crayon de Couleur in Fuchsia.

I love a bright pink like Nars Schiap and this one looks easy to apply. The trouble is, I don't know if I'll wear it. When I worked I was always in a coat of slap, but it seems too much for school pickup somehow. I'll have to book a lot more spring lunches into my schedule perhaps.

Enjoy your Thursday!



  1. Is that really the view from your house Jen? Wow, beautiful!

  2. Lucky you! What a fabulous place to escape to. I adore the salt water, but find the cost so prohibitive here in CA. Pretty color lipstick. Go for it!!

    1. The Mr. surprised me by bringing the Chanel lip crayon home from his business trip.

      We were surprised at the reasonable property costs in Nova Scotia (well, relative to Toronto where they are insane!) We could get a house on the ocean for far less than a subpar cottage on a not-great lake in Ontario. And it takes about the same amount of time to get there. I just hope cheap airfare continues!! xo

  3. You know that i went on youtube and saw a few early episodes and it was a feisty show but didn't realise as i was too young and fooled by that gentle southern drawl. The view from your house is amazing by the way!

    1. It's a show that's aged well. I watched it as a kid but like it even better now. We are lucky to have that view. It's spectacular and the Blue Nose II tall ship goes by it we hear. I guess we will find out this summer!


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