Keep Calm and Vision On

It's been a zoo around here. And not a classy zoo. It's one of those sad roadside ones they are forever shutting down.

I've had to drive here, there, and everywhere, and grab food on the run. Ugh. I hate that! I feel so bleh. I'm going to a wellness thingamabob tomorrow, which I hope will inspire me.

Plus, I seriously thought I was going blind. I have bad eyes - particularly the right one. And then last weekend, my left eye went totally red. The Mr. was out of town so I was up at 3am googling eye problems. Word to the wise: never Google "eye problems" at 3am unless you want to be permanently scarred.

The doctor says it's just a slight scratch - likely from my contacts - so I'm back in glasses for a while. Grrr. My eye doc is looking to see if I'm a candidate for surgical correction. I hope I am. I don't mind reading glasses but regular glasses get in the way of sports and working out.

Have to stare at my vision board extra hard these days to Keep Calm.

And I must try not to focus on the bottles of champagne underneath!

Happy Friday, y'all. Hope you have a restful weekend!



  1. Damn girl, you have been busy! I have just started getting into essential oils...I need a few months to catch up to minerals/stones (this is in reference to a previous post). I did have corrective eye surgery roughly 20 years thing ever. Unfortunately, the eyes do age and I now have mono vision. This works okay but since this may be the last year I have ACA, nobody will insure us in Nasheville, Memphis, or Knoxville, I am having everything looked at and hopefully corrected this year. Annual physical..check. Colonoscopy..check. The nagging knee problem..check. And yes, the peepers..check!

    1. That's frustrating about the insurance. I had private insurance for drugs (they are not covered here) and they covered nothing that I needed! It was a lot of money to pay for rejection slips at the pharmacy. Glad you are getting everything attended to. I hate medical stuff. xo

  2. A few bottles of champagne always make me bleary eyed! I hope your eye heals soon.

    1. Thank you! It is in better shape now and the eye doc is happy with the healing. I hate eye things. So scary! xo


Thank you, darling!

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