Monday Monday

Happy Monday, darlings.

So, here was my facebook status today:

What a wonderful way to start the week. Living in Stepford is tough enough without people thinking I have a side hustle as an escort.

I was with my daughter at the Ariana Grande concert last night. Props to Ari for spending 90 minutes in five inch stilettos. She was very good and it was a fabulous display of girl power. I love how she's gone from teen singer to bona fide Diva.

I was blown away by her opening act, Little Mix. They were so Spice Girls in a way that only British girl bands can be. I think they should mix it up with the Ladies of London. I wonder who could outdrink whom?

They opened their set with Salute. I'm obsessed.

We draw for the rose quartz angel later today so don't forget to enter.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Quite a day for you. My little doggie has taken to pooping in the garage, which isn't a disaster except my husband never looks down and always steps in it.

    1. It makes me laugh. We build houses to keep the messy animals out - and then we bring them in!! Good thing they are so lovable. xoxo


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