So what's with the crystal thing?

So, I was updating my LinkedIn profile the other day and listing out various degrees and certificates. I have an MBA in Finance and a BA in English and Classics. I am certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory. And I'm a Certified Crystal Reader.

Say what now?

I've always loved crystals. I grew up in Alberta and went to Banff a lot as a child. I loved the old Cave and Basin sulphur springs and relished a visit to the Trading Post to pick up some shiny stones. I loved collecting rocks at Bragg Creek where -- back then --you could pick fossils up off the ground.

I've always had a pile of worry stones around: particularly rose quartz, which I consider a gateway stone since it's so very pretty.

As an adult, I developed a bit of a jewellery thing. My birthstone is garnet so I always had some of those kicking around. I have a lapis luzuli ring from a Bvlgari sample sale (yes, there is such a thing in New York!) that I treasure. And, darlings, don't get me started on diamonds...

When I went through a rough season, I researched alternative anti-trauma treatments since EMDR had been so helpful. A lot of people swore by crystals -- in particular, lepidolite, so I bought a necklace with the pretty purple stone. It may have been psychosomatic, but I always felt better with it hanging around my neck. Then I bought some pink tourmaline and rhodochrosite. Again, perhaps they were just talismans and reminded me to be hopeful, but it worked. I decided I wanted to know more and get some formal training.

I love it. I'm a strong believer in energy work and think crystals are simply souvenirs of energy at play (they are formed through heat and pressure, after all...) I don't believe in all of it, however. Some people think their crystals talk to them, but if my crystals start talking to me, then, darlings, I'm going straight to the doctor for some pills! I think that, mainly, they remind us to focus our minds in positive ways and help us tune into a more life-affirming channel.

I've started to source new places to buy stones and from time to time will sell some pieces through Facebook.

I've decided to add crystal work to the narrative coaching practice I'm building in addition to my freelance work. I know this puts me firmly into the woo woo camp, but I'm hoping to be a preppy counterpoint to a lot of the other practitioners. Fear not, I'm still into serious handbags and beach houses and silly little dogs - wearing crystals on their collars, of course!

Miss Thing with some malachite



  1. I have crystals too and get attracted to them periodically. But I make sure I clean them in salt water in the new or full moon. I love lapis and carnelian at the moment. Such a cute pic with Serena doing her crystal session!

    1. Lapis and carnelian are so pretty. I love the deep colours. Serena is a willing guinea pig. She's ridiculously patient with my shenanigans! xo

  2. I love jewellery made with semi-precious stones and crystals - it's pretty and can be very affordable. I have a bracelet made of lapis beads - a friend brought it back from Hong Kong for me. It was on elastic which, predictably, broke, so I had it properly strung and got a pretty gold finding for it. And don't worry - I'm sure we will let you know if we think that the woo factor is climbing! :0)

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I know you will keep me grounded. (Which you can also do with garnet lol!) The lapis bracelet sounds beautiful. My ring is lapis and gold and the colours work so nicely together!

  3. Woo woo camp or not, the next time you visit London, do yourself a favor and go to the Natural History Museum. Their gem room will have you in tears. Such beautiful, creative, and informative displays of practically every gem, rock, mineral, and crystal known to man kept me captivated for longer than my little charges (nephews, nieces, and daughter) wished.

    1. I will! I need to get in a trip to London soon and will put that on the list. Thanks for the tip. xo


Thank you, darling!

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